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I was behind a lady with $484.39 of stuff in her basket. She continued to write a check. The employee asked for ID and the lady said she did not have an ID. She was then told she could pay with a debit card. Lady said s he has no debit card for that account. The employee said she could not clear it without an ID. Then I heard her say it was denied. so do not know if she tried or not. Lady started yelling at her that she has 5000 in the bank and that should clear. The employee said ok and let her go...hmmmm I do not understand how that could be the correct choice...the lady clearly was trying to pass a bad check or someone else's check. The employee (girl glasses about 315 on register 2 today ) If she worked for me I would FIRE her. Boat Club DG 76179

Dec 13, 2015

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