Dollar General / rude behavior from manager

Buckner, Missouri, United States

Today, 06/10/2017, I was attempting to make a tax exempt purchase from the Dollar General in Buckner Mo. The first associate was unable to complete the transaction, stating that she had only done one such transaction previously. She stepped to the back and asked the employee sitting back there for assistance. I am assuming this person was a manager of some type. It is hard to know for sure because the turnover rate is very high at our local Dollar General.

The manager/second associate asked me to step to another register so she could assist me, which was very reasonable. She began entering the information from the tax exempt form that I had presented. There were no phone numbers listed on the form for the church that holds the tax exempt status. I was unable to provide the phone number for the church because I do not have the number. I do not own a cell phone or have a home phone. There is no possible way that I could stand there in line and provide a number. I am sure I could have made something up but I instead chose to tell the associate that I couldn't get the number. I asked if she had a phone book to look the number up or if she could google the number. The manager got an attitude with me, stated that she didn't have a phone book and didn't have her phone and wouldn't look up the number. I was surprised with her attitude but politely informed her that I didn't need her products and that I would go to another store, probably the Dollar General in Odessa because they have always been able to help me. I was not rude. I didn't yell. I didn't curse. I simply stated the above. She told me to leave 'her' store and that I was being rude. I said I wasn't being rude but she told me I was being very rude and told me to leave.

I have never before been asked to leave a store. I am horrified that this associate thought I should be forced to leave, especially since to the best of my knowledge and belief I hadn't done anything to warrant being kicked out. I hadn't raised my voice, cussed, thrown a hissy fit or in any way acted out. I simply had asked if they could help me provide a phone number that was needed to complete a tax exempt transaction since I had no means of providing the number on my own. Instead of a polite response I was met with rudeness. I responded in a normal tone of voice and attitude that I would just go elsewhere. I really don't think that being kicked out of the store was in any way shape or form an appropriate response.

If possible I would like the tapes of the cashwrap area to be reviewed. If I was out of line in my actions or words I would like to know so that I may apologize to the associate.

thank you for your help

Lisa Postlethwait

Jun 10, 2017

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