Dollar General / rude behavior

Gilbert south carolina, United States

Monday August 5, 2016 went in to dollar general and picked up 2 sunday state papers to purchase, stood in line for 10 minutes, finally got to cashier, manager then comes up and rudely takes the papers out my hands, snaps at me that I shouldn't have come behind the counter to get them. (they were in the news stand with about a dozen more). Was told dollar general could not sell sunday paper on monday. Went home contacted the state paper, Columbia, s.c. and was told that is not the case. If a store has papers left you can purchase them. Went the next day to dollar tree got 2 papers, No problem! Have never had this problem before. Will not shop at this store again. They also have a problem letting you use coupons, it always seems as though the coupons won't scan. Manager name was Jenny.

Aug 18, 2016

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