Dollar General / product/service

Lost a consistent customer today. Everything was fine until I got to the register and one of my coupons wont scan so the cashier proceeded to say I hate coupons. Im like wow really. After that uncalled for response she called a lady up and I told her I had no problem last week. She proceeded to tell me that the person who did it last week wasn't suppose to like I was doing something fraudulent Im like okay cancel the transaction. The coupon was very clear in what its for and what it excludes. Well with that being said after all the money I have spent there they wont get another dime and I know word of mouth will help also. I will rely the message to anyone who wants to visit Orange City, Fla Saxon Blvd Dollar General. They are new people there; ones before them I had no issues. I would ask the manager can this coupon be used on this no problems. Yes or no I didn't feel bad but today I did..Have spent too much money there for that.

Mar 18, 2017

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