Dollar General / policy and management

I shop at this store daily and Iam 59 years old. The manager Jackie at store #1522 in West Melbourne, Florida got cockey with me when I said to him my opinion on there policy with ids. I happen to forget my Id and bought beer and at 59 and I look old would not let me buy it. I understand the Florida law and I respect it. But, I can't think of one business ever in the whole state of Florida who makes you have Id if you look older then 30. There should be a stipulation if a customer looks 30 or older you don't need Id. That's a lot of years to make sure of no mistake. But even worse when I told the manager how I felt he got cockey with me and said I could ask you to leave like I was doing something bad because of my opinion. The lady before me was in her 40's, she also didn't have her I'd and couldn't get cigarettes. I don't usually complain but I really think this policy needs to be adjusted.

Jun 02, 2018

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