Dollar General Mendon Rd Woosocket RI 02895staff including manager did not want to give me the $5.

L Nov 26, 2017 Review updated:

the store on mendon rd refuse to give me the five dollar for saturday over $25 dollars I had to go and get all the stuff so they can deleted and rering again making people wait and making me change registers. only cuz I couldn't find my coupon in my wallet and had to go get it. I gave them the two slips but it was not enough I had to go with my kids embarrass and get the groceries. that's not fair to treat us that way cuz they''re tired. the two slips should've been enough why delete all Items and ring them again I ask the manager and she said it was your Policy. that was a crazy thing when everybody heard that they were mad. the mendon rd store in woonsocket may need to get a day of rest since they look overtired. Rhode Island 02895.
Thank You and hope you correct this policy is different from all other store I am going to Family Dollar they even say hello when I go in. november 25 2017.


  •   Nov 26, 2017

    If I can decipher your poorly written post — you could not find your coupon. They deleted your order and you were embarrassed. You had to come back with coupon. Correct? Smart thing would have been to tell a manager you forgot your coupon. You’d pay full price but would return with receipt and coupon for refund. Capice? If your order wasn’t deleted, the register would be short money. It doesn’t sound like they did anything wrong

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