Dollar General / market

was just at Dollar General Market # 13240 And in the only open line. In the store for 10 mints and as we was putting are goods on. The teller say this is 20 Items or less I sad OK but we been standing hear and know we put are good down you tell us we have to get are thing and move to a other line and wet for a chaser. I sad no we are in this line. They do this all the time in this store. If you have a lager grosser order which ares was about 200 worth of goods . So my 78 year old Mother got all her ting off the counter and went to anther line. which was know full of other cusmters and did not get in line for. We tried to speck it a Supervisor and sad that how it work we are sorry. We left I was so anger I told them I did not wont my thing a and asked for a refund that took me anther line. and 20 mints.

Nov 26, 2017

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