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I was running to my daughters this evening, and decided to go to Dollar a General to get fish oil. Yes, I was aware I didn't have shoes on, but knew I would only be a minute. Shortly after entering the store, a cashier informed me, next time I would need to have shoes. I hurried, got my items and got in line. The manager comes up front, and informs me I have to have shoes on. I informed him he was the second person to tell me that. He said it was a safety issue and I could not buy anything until I had shoes. I was already next at the checkout!! I asked if he knew how many times I am in there in a week, and he said, you need shoes. He then turned to the cashier and told her not to ring me up until I had shoes. I told him where to stick the stuff. I understand you have policies, however, I do not feel the situation warranted him telling the cashier not to ring up my items. I was already at the checkout. I only needed to get from there to the door. Just blows my mind that I see people in stores with bikinis on and that's okay, but no shoes, and I am reprimanded like a child. He sounded like someone who had a bad day, and needed someone to take it out on. Considering the cashier said next time, I think the most professional action for the manager would be, let me pay for my stuff, I'm already in line, and remind me NICELY, that next time, no shoes no service.

May 18, 2017
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      May 29, 2017

    It literally says on the door "no shirt, no shoes, no service" and service includes being checked out.
    Because allowing it to happen one time for someone opens the door for everyone else who sees it to go "well you let so and so in here for a moment to get that without shoes so why can't I?" Also if a DM would have to look over the footage for that time period the management would have been scolded for allowing you to make a purchase without shoes on because yes, it's a safety violation and they aren't going to risk an injury lawsuit--regardless of if you would plan to or not, or if it would be true or not--just because you needed to grab something.
    Grow up and act your age.

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