Dollar General / management store 15000

Farmington, NY, United States

September 27, 2017
I have sent several complains about this situations and no one has gotten back to me about it. I want to hear from the CEO of this company! If I do not recieve an email or a phone call in the next week, I'm plastering this all over Facebook and I have several people who would be willing to share it. Chad Wingate had no reason to tell anybody about what I told him! He ran his mouth when he had no business too! And as far as Patty Reed, she was giving the contract below and nothing was done. She was just moved to a different section to be a district manager there. Simply they are both book smart and have no common sense on what to tell and what not to tell! This has gotten way out of hand and it's pretty ridiculous! My email is sabrina.[protected] and my phone number is below.

August 1, 2017

Via Chad Wingate and Patty Reed
(Store Management)

It’s come to my attention, that the Farmington store manager Chad Wingate has miss used his position. I had a conversation with him regarding a personal issue, which I was suppose to inform him about. He then had a conversation with the Manchester store manager on his cell phone, because Farmington store phones were not operating. This letter is for damage of mishandled information, miss use of management and information of a personal matter due to the fact of him telling another store manager. When the only person he should of told was his boss. This is a legal contract requesting $25, 000 in damages from each party, in a sum of $50, 000. This response has an expiration date of exactly 2 weeks from when this letter is dated. If payment is not met in a reasonable timely manner I am going to pursue legal action.
Send check to address below.
For the record- This is a personal matter that should not affect my mother’s position at the Manchester store, in any way shape or form for a minimum of 5 years.
Sincerely, Ms. Sabrina Bonacci
850 N St Rte. 21 lot 9B
Shortsville NY, 14548

Sep 27, 2017

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