Dollar Generalitems left behind

S Nov 22, 2017

Good afternoon! I went into your Dollar General store #15652 and some of the items I paid for were left behind. My husband called the store to check to see if 3 of the items we didn't have mistakenly were left behind. Per the lady we talked to no bags where left and there was nothing she could do about it. I called back to let them know that it was a few hours back so maybe someone had put them back on the shelve but we didn't have the items. Her response was I can't make a bag appear out of thin air. I then ask to speak to a manager and she stated she was the manager on duty. Well I let her know that I didn't think that was a way to talk to her customers. She then said she would review the tapes and called me back. She stated we grabbed all the bag which I know we did but I do believe our items were left in the rack down below where she bagged them. She never once stated sorry that happened or offer to help out with anything. I understand that some people may call and say items were left behind but I am not that person. I think for a manager she should have been a little bit nicer the way she handled the situation.

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