Dollar GeneralI have an issue with how I was treated at your store in huntington, texas 75949

I stopped by the dollar general in our hometown of Huntington, Texas. It's a really small country town. This day was like so many other days inside the building with the exception your manager threw me out of the store. We had just came in from vacation. I gathered my things and approached the front. I hade 25 or so items. No one was at the register! That's how it always is there already so most folks refuse to stop there. I walked through the store looking for someone to check me out. No luck! Then I walked and called out does anyone work here? Finally after many minutes a red headed girl approached the register giggling. After driving for several hours already I asked her why it is that there is never anyone at the front of this store working the register. Again she giggled and I said that"it was ridiculous and I can't understand why it's like this"! Mind you I work in very much a hands on and service industry that deals with many people everyday! I took out my things and my husband was on his way in wondering why was taking so long. They reminded me my daughter needed two medications from there I forgot. So I went back in and I was looking and the girl started laughing and smiling again. There was a man leaning up against the wall texting and wearing ear buds. He is always on the phone and listening to something and not helping every time you go there anyhow. I said who's the manager and he said he was! I said to him" why can't you get anyone to take the money people are trying to spend there. I got no response at first cause he was texting and didn't have time for me. I said never mind and went to get the medicine. I said your not interested in my complaint cause your on the phone. You do not give a damn, I said that! I said I will be contacting your boss and their boss. He then proceeded to tell me it was none of my damn business what he was texting or who he was texting on his phone. I said whatever! This is crazy! He hovered over me screaming at my 5 foot 2 inch small self! He said you get out of my damn store! I said not until I get the medicine. He said you will get out now! He tried to force me manually nudging me. I said don't you touch me! He hurried me so fast yelling and nudging me that leave was the only thing to do! I find that anyone who doesn't respect their jobs and your store enough to do their job and help make shopping just a tad easier, doesn't deserve the job.. I am certain you will not tolerate this! Their are to many shopping choices in other towns and a family dollar across the street to put up with this behavior. My name is Tanya Eldridge, [protected]. I would so appreciate a response. My email is as follows;

May 30, 2018

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