Dollar General / employee

New Oxford, PA, United States

I was in my local Dollar General store number 18918.. I was being rang out by Cindy and my digital coupons wouldn't come up so she called the assistant manager Natasha, she came over and asked what is the problem Cindy said the digital coupons didn't come off so she looked at the register and she said the xtra laundry detergent wasn't rung up Cindy said yes it was she Natasha argued with her and me so she rang it up again took off the digital coupons and then stormed away. I paid and went to my car and looked over the receipt I was charged twice for the laundry detergent, so I went back in Cindy asked what was wrong I said I was charged twice for the laundry detergent, she said I told her that, so Natasha yells up to the front now what is the problem, came behind the counter all huffy and said I was charged only one time so the other manager Erin looked at it and said no I was charged twice for it... Natasha then stormed over to the other register slamming thing and then waited on another customer. This is not the first time Natasha has charged me twice for items... and got snotty with me. Her coworkers don't like her attitude and neither do I something needsdone here, thus store is going to loose customer's with this person working there.

Oct 24, 2018

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