Dollar General / employee and manager

Today I visited Dollar General Store #11138? on Paris Road in Chalmette LA just as I have everyday sometimes multiple times a day seeing as I live close by. I went to purchase Kool Aid packets. When I walked in there were three employees behind the registers, Jenna, Summer and the manager Charlotte who was sitting on the floor behind the registers. Jenna was the only employee to greet me. I find my Kool Aid and go to the registers, the line was pretty long as Jenna was the only one actually working. She then asked one of the other two to open up a register and Summer did but doing so with an attitude and was not happy about having to actually work. Summer took me in her line and as she rang up my packets she very loudly stated "You got the Kool aid where's the sugar?" I told her I already had sugar at home. she then stated "You people can't have Kool aid with no sugar y'all put two pounds of sugar in y'all's Kool aid!" Charlotte just laughed and did not reprimand her employee as she should have done and Jenna stated how racist Summers comment was and just shook her head is disbelief. I was appalled and had no idea how to respond without going off and causing a scene. So I paid for my Kool Aid and left. Let me clear the confusion by saying I am a Black Male and all three employees are White Females. I am in this store everyday. There are two other employees who are pleasant which is the Assistant Manager and another cashier with glasses who was just recently hired. Both of them are White Females as well so I can Not say the entire staff is racist and highly unprofessional. Summer and Charlotte are ridiculously over paid and have been a problem before. Summer is rude not only to customers but Vendors as well as her fellow employees and Charlotte doesn't do anything about her. She laughs and makes excuses for Summers behavior. I've seen it with my own two eyes and have familiarized myself with the employees best I can. Like I said I'm in there almost everyday multiple times a day. But after today, If I see Charlotte or Summer working, I will walk out and go to another store without purchasing a thing. I have told anyone and everyone I know about this and they too will not go there anymore. The good should not have to suffer for the bad and I know Boycotting this store over two people with cause the other great employees you have possibly a job.. But get rid of the two bad apples you have and you're tree will blossom. Sad that I had to endure such Rudeness and Racism in a store I spend a lot of money in.

  • Updated by StormSouth, Jun 09, 2018

    Not going Back. Will go to Family Dollar instead.

Jun 09, 2018

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