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The Dollar General in West Frankfort, Illinois has half-stocked shelves every time I go in there. I needed Secret Clinical strength deodorant and went in there 3 times to try to buy it. 3 Times!!! In the 3rd try, I asked the 1 person I could find who worked there why they still don't have it. She said they didn't get it in the shipment and I could try again Tuesday. How many times must I try to buy 1 item before I can actually get it?! Dollar General used to be the place I could go and get everything I needed within reason. Something has changed and I don't like it. I try to go to other DG's but they aren't much better anymore. The DG in West Frankfort, Illinois needs some serious intervention. I heard a customer complaining about the lack of stock today while I was in there getting toilet paper (surprisingly they had a few packages on the shelf).

I would hazard a guess the DG in West Frankfort will not survive if you don't do something soon. Maybe the employees need to take less breaks.

Mar 11, 2017
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      Mar 24, 2017

    Um excuse me, maybe you don't need to be a ####.
    For one, it's not an employees fault if an item is not shipped to the store. That's on the distribution center, ask any DG you go to and they will tell you that. Also a lot of stores are in reset mode right now, so they're switching out products they won't sell anymore and bringing in new ones. So, chances are either the distribution center isn't sending it or your deodorant is being discontinued in your area.
    Also not an employees problem about stocked shelves. Either they're not being sent enough for a proper supply for the demand of a certain kind--something they have no control over. Haven't been sent any recently and are on any overstock they have left. Brands in question may be being discontinued and a period of time between selling the rest of that stock has to pass before they're shipped the new stock they'll be carrying. Or even a chance of them being short on hours, meaning they're short staffed. And, surprise surprise, you can't do the work of 10 people if you only have 2 or 3 on a shift at any given time. And even then, hours may have to be scheduled awkwardly so workers aren't able to get done what needs to be done or they're being scolded by higher ups to prioritize other things than restocking. Though, even if they did, it sounds like you'd be the type of person to #### about how the aisles are 'too cluttered because they're stocking during the day'.
    "Maybe the employees need to take less breaks". #### off. In the DG I go to the workers are lucky if they're even able to get their full break because god for ####ing bid a customer has to wait maybe 5-10 minutes in line. Also, just because you can't see a worker on the floor doesn't mean that they're not doing something else like grabbing things in the back, helping other customers, or watching over the store. God get the #### over your ####ing self. Just because you can't find one little item and it's the time of year that shelves usually have missing products because of discontinued items doesn't mean the world is ####ing ending.

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