Dollar Generaldisrespectful manager

B Nov 26, 2017

I am a current customer of Dollar General with store 1861, Cadiz, Ohio. I am sorry but I feel that if your going to be a manager of a big store or any store in that matter they should be trained for that job. This manager has only been in this particular store for less than a month but he has been a manager for Dollar General for only 7 months. This store has never looked so bad as it does now. The shelves are so empty and the coolers are bare. Everything is still in the back room. There are carts full of Christmas products in the isles to were you can barely get through them. These products should be on shelves so the customers can shop. He isn't a very nice guy at all. Very rude!! I worked for Dollar General for 7 years and left to further my career. The am a manager for the agency that I work for so I do know how a manager should act . I had a charge for my agency and he couldn't even do a charge and had to ask a employee why it wouldn't let him do this particular charge. The employee showed him what he needed to do. This should be manager 101. If this complaint goes to the district manager that is where it will lay because they are friends. They both worked for Family Dollar before making a career change. I don't feel he should be a manager or need additional training to be in that position. I have heard a lot of talk from other customers that the store has went down hill since he has taken it over. I know for a fact that this store is a 3+ million dollar store. I would like to also say that this is the only grocery store that we have in our town since our grocery store had closed over a year ago. So when you go to Dollar General to get milk or bread and there is non because it is still in the back room there is a really big problem there. I hope something will happen to get our store back to where it was. I have a really bad feeling that employees will start leaving because of management.

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