Dollar General / digital coupons & condition of the store

Vernon, TX, United States
Contact information:

on 9.23.2017 I went to the store #01726 at 17:15:34 in Vernon, Texas. I couldn't use my digital coupons because the server was down. I would like a refund of my coupons if at all possible.
The store condition is awful, nothing is stocked and you can't move freely around the isles.
the clerk was very nice and asked if I wanted her to take off the items I had coupons for since I couldn't use them, I said no since there was a line behind me and I didn't want to inconvenience the other customers waiting to check out. I should have just said clear it all and not bought anything at all there. I won't be going back to that store.
Here are the numbers from my receipt I hope to get a refund check for what I am owed.
receipt #:
phone number for coupons: 940.473.8074
email: [protected]

I would think you can go pull up the receipt number and day and put in my phone number to get my refund on the products I had coupons for.

thank you
Morgan Michaels

Sep 24, 2017

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