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$30 dg gift card purchased for my son, who is 20. He went to a dg in cape coral, florida & was told no money on it so he left. I called gift card #, lady said wasn't activated when purchased & that she activated it on phone at that time & that it would work. My son went back to same store, they again told him it had no money on it. He said they were rude, acted like they did not know what they were doing & made no attempt to try to figure out what was wrong-just assumed he was lying. I then looked up phone # to that store & called it many times that night & the next day & even today but every time got a voicemail that they are helping other customers. Really? Every time I called? And by the end, i've called that # approximately 20 times. I told my son to try a different dg store in cape coral, he went yesterday & had no problems using it. I am very upset with the embarrassment he faced with his items being rejected twice and the lack of that staff in trying to figure out the issue. It is their job! I want that particular stores actual number so I can speak to the manager-I have never heard of a retail store with an answering service, never mind every time I called. Ridiculous! That particular store needs better employees & training. I also would like a reimbursement for my son to have for the trouble this caused him, especially living 3 states away from home with little money, believing what they told him because they were older, the trouble going back & forth, the calls to the gift card line & the anxiety I have experienced wondering how to fix this when I knew the $30 was on that card. My number is [protected] and I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Thank you

Dollar General

Jun 02, 2018

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