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Hello, my child and I was in one of the Dollar General in N.Charleston, SC store # 14281. Which I am a former employee. When walk in all you can hear is 3 supposedly grown women, yelling across the store at each other using cuss words. This was the a blonde hair girl, other women and the SM. The SM is laughing and other employees are following. My child is 8 yr old autism who doesn't not need to learn this behavior from adults. Then I go to SM and ask a question about prices and what percentage was red, purple. She rolled her eyes and said I can't tell you cuz I dont have time to let people know. I walked off and ok. By this time I have been in the store for about 45 mins and heard bad words and employees acting like wild animals. Shortly after that I go up front and ask for the bathroom key and the cashier hands me the men' s room key. WOW. I couldn't do anything but to hurry up shopping and get out.
When I was there my bosses wouldn't let that fly.
As I'm walking to the front, I hear from one of the women just go off on this customer. The gentlemen turns his head and realized that I was in the store, he looked at me and asked when I am coming back cuz he doesn't like going in the store anymore. I told him to call Corp. I start putting items up to cash out and I ask if I can have price check on a few items. I wouldn't have to ask for a price check if signs and dots or stars were there. Then I guess she is the ASM, she says what are you a penny shopper. I said yes I have done it a few times. She walks around to my side of the counter. I hand the college t-shirt to the cashier cuz I had one star and dot I wanted to know the difference in price. She walks up to close and has a mean tone and acting like she is going to fight me. I grab my and walk him and myself out to my car. She the proceeds to follow my child to the car. She yells into the store at everyone I'm calling the police and started to come toward my car. Now I worried for my child safety and mine. My child says mom wait I need to pay for my soda. Instead of me going back in and making things worst I tell him to go.

I have called my lawyer a few minutes after I left the parking lot.

This took place on June 20, 2017 roughly around 8:30 - 8:45 p.m

Jun 21, 2017

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