Dollar General / check out clerk very ill

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I stopped at the Dollar General and got more than I expected! The lady checking us out was extremely ill, she had a fever. She had snot running out of her nose. She also advised us to use hand sanitizer upon checking out. I asked her why was she here and not at home. Her reply, "I would lose my job". As I was walking out, the manager was walking in with an arm full of food. I threw my bags in the trash. I threw $64 in the dumpster. I have one of the largest business' in the town and shop for all my supplies at this Dollar General. I put up with the rude employees that make you feel like you are bothering them by checking out. I put up with the crowed isle and stock carts in the way, but this is too much. Yes, I could of dropped my stuff and walked out but I didn't know how bad it was until I was already being rung up and at that point I think I was literally in shock. She wiped her nose and handed me money. Here is the best part, I woke the next day and felt like crap. My throat was sore, I ached all over. I have 6 children. Here we go... and no insurance.

The girl stocking shelves could of been up front. There was enough stuff on the shelves. Maybe DG needs to cut back hours and open up room for more employees. This is bad business and needs to be dealt with.

Nov 20, 2017

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