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Dollar General / bags

1 Athens, AL, United States

I visit your store sometimes 3-4 times per month. On each vist, I spend $30 to $150. I buy several heavy items; i.e., boxes of canned cat food, litter, cleaning products, etc. Last night was a cat food run. I watched as the checker stuff a 4lb-2oz box of canned cat food, a 2.5lb box of canned cat food, and a couple of frozen dinners into a bag. In her defense, she did double bag that one. In another bag, she put another 2.5lb bix of canned cat food, a 2.2lb tub of coffee creamer and 3-4, 1.4oz bags of cat treats into one bag. At that point, asked her to not fill the bags so heavy and started bagging myself. She promptly informed me that, "we have to pay 60 cents or 6 cents (I could not understand her clearly) a piece for these bags and ...blah, blah, blah." Do your employees have to pay for your bags? I told her that your company needs to provide better bags, if you don't want to have to use so many. I had just spent over $60 and she's going to argue with me over how many bags I need to properly transport my purchases from your store to my home. Face it, your bags are inferior. You know it. I know it. Rarely do I make it home without a rip in almost all of them. One girl always puts all the heavy items together and all the lighter items together. Amazing. I am just saying that if I spend 3-4 hundred dollars per month in your store, the least I can expect is not to be chastised for expecting a proper bag. At 6 cents per bag or even at 60 cents per bag, I figure you still owe me a few anyway. And while I'm here. You need to clean up your stores in Athens Alabama. Most are absolute pig stys. The aisles are such a mess it is dangerous! I dare you to surprise visit some of them. Dare you! I have actually straightened whole sections myself just so I could find what I was looking for. And no, I'm not crazy. Just like things neat. Thanks for your appearance to listen.

Oct 11, 2018

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