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I have had one of your technicians live at my home. Upon his arrival he wanted to set up his illegal black box. I said no and we continued to argue. He also upon his arrival asked to store a tremendous amount of wire in my garage stating he had purchased this wire from a dish network technician for onlt $25 per roll instead of the $100 per roll you folks charge him. So when he moved out with a police escort, he had left the wire fearing police might ask about the wire. He has wanted to retreive the wire, and I have insisted that it needs to go ot the rightful owners. So we dont get along. He knows I am treying to turn him in. And he is trying to serve me with papers to keep me quiet. I hope you take pride in your company and wont let your technicians be theives. He takes alot of money for tips from his clients and does his own wall fishes at only $40 cash instead of your $49 fee. He sees on the orders that it shows the old wire in place when it is really new. So he will call it in as needing new wire and upgrades the job and his amount he makes. He gors to lunch and then he is done with the new wiring job calls it in as a new install and gets his $45 or so dollars on top for that. I am a direct witness to this and will testify for you. But I need someone there to take this serious. This man is a theif. He takes a drug test with a fake urine bladder you can buy at your local head shop. He never can take a clean test without it. So Beware of those fake urine bladders. And he also is training alot of your valued technicians how to be crooks also so they can make bigger miney also. The Man s na, me is Daniel Rettig, . His bosses name is Tom he is asian. U have met him. I also called him with this and he did nothing about it. He still hired him after I told hgim that Danny was dirty. So Im not happy how you guys run your business. Danny ran wire for a new accout for my mother and ruined her roof. I paid $1, 600 for the one side and the bigger half still needs done before winter. So please take me serious. Thanks for reading Ron Ferenz [protected]

Dish Network
Dish Network
Dish Network
Dish Network

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  •   Aug 18, 2011

    Hello Ron, I am with DISH network customer service. If you set up your services with DISH Network we will be happy to look into this. If you can provide the address for the services with the zip code or account number starting 8255 so we can proceed. You may email this to me at mark.[protected]

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