DirecTV / unethical behavior

Hillsborough, NC, United States
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I moved back on july 10, 2016. Technician could not get signal at my new place. Thus voiding my contract with dtv. I chatted with the help center incident: [protected] then called in to let them know I had to cancel my service. After the 5th time dtv finally cancelled my service in december but I was billed for august - november at 166.55 a pop. So I had no service connected but I was billed every month. Finally the csr in december said I had to return my equipment and I would be refunded. I returned it. Now I am being charged for something else and my account is in collections. The technician was at my new apartment on july 15th. His name was aaron. He tried very hard to get me a signal.

Thank you for being a directv customer and taking advantage of the directv® movers deal™. Your installation is scheduled for july 15. We want you to be ready, so below are some things to keep in mind to make your install go smoothly.

I believe that once I was not able to get service my contract and service should be stopped. I emailed the help center and also called to request this.

The account is under christie mullin dtv customer for years!!!
Phone number on the account is under carl mullin at&t customer for years!!!

Please help because I believe I am due a substantial refund for the months I was billed when I did not have dtv at my new apartment.

Jan 30, 2017

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