DirecTVthey lie - bill always going up - and their customer service sucks!!!

For the past 3 months I have called Directv over my bill because they double charged me on my bill. The first month I called they promised me a credit for it and told me I didn't have to pay that over charge. The next month bill still showed the extra amount and plus now I was getting late charges. I called again and the same thing was told to me. Today I called AGAIN for the 3rd month and after being hung up on, told different lies by the 10 different people I had to talk to I was told that it was in my bill because now they were doing billing in advance. Directv has the very worst customer service I have ever sealed with!!! They lie and are rude. Now if I didn't pay my bill they wouldn't hesitate about shutting my tv service off. They need to remember that they aren't the only satellite service provider and Dish is much better and doesn't cost near as much. I do not even have a good package and pay $140 month for their ### service that goes out every time the wind blows.

May 18, 2017

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