DirecTVprepaid card as refund on final bill

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I cancelled Directv. During time of service I had a direct payment set up. At the end of service I had a refund due. It was not returned to my financial account nor was a check issued. Instead Directv set up a Cictibank prepaid card. To do so Directv provided my personal information to Citibank without my authority. When I complained and requested Directv issue a refund check instead, I was informed that a refund check can only be issued for sums under $5.00. Directv further informed me that they had no further involvement and I would have to deal with Citibank directly, an institution which I had never contacted and never authorized to receive any monies from me. This is the worse kind of fraud and "bait and switch" for both of these companies.

Nov 07, 2015
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  • Ri
      Oct 26, 2016

    I agree 100% this practice should be outlawed.

    1. They are contracting a bank which I have in no way given my information to.
    2. The bank is giving them a discount on the refund card in exchange for DirecTV passing my information along. DirecTV is a luxury entertainment product, so most of their customers are high income earners and Citi knows this all too well.
    3. The bank is further discounting because there is a historical 15% "breakage rate" on gift cards. This is evidenced by the following. If you buy a $100 Best Buy card at CVS, CVS takes $4.50 off the top. The company who issues the cards, Blackhawk, takes the next $4.50. In the end Best Buy is getting $91. However, with the 15% breakage rate, Best Buy STILL comes out with a 6% bonus on every $100 gift card sold at CVS.
    4. If you charge my credit card, then you should be REQUIRED BY LAW to return the funds to the same credit card if the refund transaction is within a 90 day window.

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  • Jo
      Sep 14, 2018

    Citibank and directtv. Two of the most corrupt, slimy organization exploiting Americans every second of every day. What a mistake it was for the Government to bail out Citibank after their major role in the real estate collapse at the end of 2007 after years of writing and selling fraudulent mortgages before years of fraudulently foreclosing many of those same loans beginning in 2008. Both of these sleezy corporations share the same corporate motto of "corruption, greed, arrogance and disdain for fair play!"

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  • Di
      Feb 17, 2019

    It's a scam. A company as huge at AT&T/Diretv can't issue a refund check?? The burden of having to register this idiotic prepaid card falls to the customer. And good luck trying to deposit the balance into your bank account. I am very computer savvy, but it took forever to register ... and then after all that, they had to text me a code to us before I could continue and of course code never came, despite repeated attempts. Was told to "call customer service." Oh, yeah, that's something to look forward to.

    NO DOUBT: They hope people will give up or forget to use their cards and all that money goes right back to AT&T.

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  • Ba
      May 04, 2019

    I received a refund debit card (mastercard) when I cancelled my DirecTV account. When I tried to check the remaining balance figure in the last month, the customer service rep said the amount was zero and had been used up in "maintenance fee"! When I complained, she restored the card balance and re-activated the amount! People need to watch for this racket.

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