DirecTV / no longer can fast forward during recorded programs and ads

Erie, PA, United States

I'm really getting tired of being ripped off by Direct TV. I pay a monthly fee for having a recorder, yet now I can no longer fast forward during play back of ads and specific programs!

I'm paying to have this service, but now they're limiting me to what I can do? Most likely it's pressure from their advertisers so consumers are forced to watch their disruptive ads!

Businesses wouldn't allow a consumer to walk into their business and solicit for a service, yet consumers are expected to allow businesses to solicit via paid TV in the privacy of their homes! I don't pay for TV programming to be disrupted by 5 minutes worth of advertising! These businesses pay a fee for advertising on this service, yet consumers don't get paid a fee for allowing this crap into their private homes!

Its businesses like Direct TV who cater to corporate wishes rather than the consumers they serve. Once my contract is up, I'm changing my satellite service.

Sep 21, 2017

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