DirecTVI am filing a complaint against directv... my name is diana gonzales.

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I am very upset with directv... On march of 2016 I called to cancel my service with directv, because I could no longer afford my service! The representative put my account suspension for 6 months. I told the representative that I did not want my account on suspension because I did not know where or when I was going to be living in 6 months. I told the representative that I just lost my wife and that I was having to move from my residents at the end of the month march 30th 2016... Directv reconnected my service without giving me a courtesy call!! Had directv gave me a courtesy call they would have known that I was no longer living at 111 westshore dr. N. E. Moses lake, wa 98837.. I hope that you can understand why I am soooo upset with directv.. They reconnected my service at a resident in which I no longer resided in!! There for I find directv responsible for not contacting me !! Directv has my phone number on record! Directv is supposed to be a professional company who cares about their customers!! And I directv at fault!! For not contacting a very loyal customer as myself... Directv needs to reimburse me in the amount $181.92 for reconnecting my service without contacting me by phone to even see if I was still at the service address 111 westshore dr. N. E. Moses lake, wa 98837... I strongly believe that it is directv lack of responsibility to keep in contact with their loyal customers as myself! So I feel that directv owes me $181.92 that directv took out of my checking account on january 10th 2017... For service I did not receive because I no longer resided at the said address 111 westshore dr. N. E. Moses lake, wa 98837.. Sincerely... Diana gonzales

Jan 12, 2017
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  • Jb
      Jan 12, 2017

    Hi Diana,

    I just had an awful customer service experience on the phone and I am seeking a way to file a complaint. Below is what happened to me this evening.


    I have had a very awful experience this evening. I originally called at 6pm PST to address a change in my balance on my current Direct TV/Att bill. During the process I had the following happen: two disconnected calls(that were not returned back), a third representative give me inconsistent information relative to the two previous callers, and a very disrespectful supervisor.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor after the third representative was unable to provide accurate and consistent information like the previous reps had(which by the way they were very helpful but we were disconnected and unable to complete my task at hand). When I was connected to the supervisor, Mr. Richard Gordon 028903, the conversation started off fine. However, after I asked for a breakdown of charges, and some clear information on what my billing cycle would look like in the future(its been very inconsistent the last three cycles) things took a turn for the worse. Due to either a language barrier or cultural differences, he was unable to answer my request. He then proceeded to try and connect me with Att. Mind you, I already spoke with Att for 30 minutes in which I was re-directed to DirectTV that started the chain of events(speaking with two reps that both resulted in being disconnected). I proceeded to tell him that I already spoke with Att and was transferred to DirectTV and he completely ignored my request to not call them and to please try and explain the additional charges. He put me on hold(against my request) and called an Att representative anyway. I then informed her I had already spoken with Att (which they were very helpful) and that I had no further questions- my real issue was with DirectTV and the lack of explanation of my current charges. Mr. Gordon proceeded to talk over me, raise his voice, and completely ignore my request to let me speak and complete my thought. This conversation escalated and resulted in me requesting his information in order to contact corporate.

    At this point, I am extremely upset. I have now spent the last two hours on the phone and I still have not gotten any of my questions addressed. As a valued customer of almost 3 years I am beyond upset and really contemplating my services in the future. Mr. Gordon stated he was located in the Philippines, and I cannot help but think his blatant disrespect towards me may be somewhat of a cultural difference. Nonetheless, I do not appreciate spending my evening after work being shuffled between representatives only to not have my ultimate question answered in the end. I am not sure what can come out of this, but for the first time in nearly 3 years, I am unsure if I will continue with DirectTV in the future. Please advise, thank you.

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  • Sl
      Sep 11, 2017

    I will be researching more into filing a complaint with ftc and bcc. I just received (swapt) a set top box for my ice house. Had 6 months left on contract, now they tell me I signed up for another 24 months for the whole acct not just the one receiver. Customer service is a joke and thievery is taught. Ftc has filed a order against em and i truly wish I would of done my research on satellite providers. Direct tv has a 1.7 customer satisfaction rating. I have experienced why. Cant wait to leave this money grubbing, lying and thievery company

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