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My father had a guy knock on his door to sell him DirectTV he was asked about certain channels and was told they would be there (they were NOT) on that package.
They came to install and actually unplugged the land line phones (these are elderly and disabled people) he installed the one TV never installed the second TV. We added me to their account at the time due to me taking care of their business.
After just a few days still not completely installed we decided to remove it they said since he was lied to from the beginning there would be no early termination fee, and they would refund the other amounts. All we had to do was return hardware which was done. Bill started at 55.53 then 474.32 and now 669.19 for something that is not even there.
Now they are sending a bill for early termination, still billing for monthly use and to show how well they do paperwork, they will not talk to me because I am not on the account ( I am the one they have been talking to from the beginning even the day the sells man walked in the door.) But now all the sudden I am not there, they say they need to talk to him. Since they are so good at taking care of business I am hoping someone sees this that has a say and can understand because I do not plan to repeat myself. If you send him another bill or contact him in any way I will file on you for harassing an elderly man with a heart condition, as well as other medical problems. The person you could deal with is me and you say you can't so I guess we are done. I will advertise for you at every corner, you use to be better than this I used your service for a long time. Shame on you for conducting business this way.

Sep 25, 2018
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  • 9w
      Sep 25, 2018

    first thing I would question is this sales man was he just a commissioned sale person going door to door or a actual direct tv employee?
    second is the scam continues after issue with service and seems lie by the sales person to get you on to there service
    with early termination fee etc..
    I would file a compliant with the better business bureau
    I am assuming you returned the equipment already so you should have tracking and other proof of that
    just a guess but I bet they turn this over to a collection agency

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