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We have had DirecTV since 2011-we have three issues that have not been properly addressed nor resolved.
We had our service cancelled this month after speaking with a “loyalty specialist” At that point I said “cancel the receivers.”
She chose to cancel everything.
I have since gotten an email saying I owe $48.46
At this point not only do I owe you NOTHING- you owe me money for December 2016 through the beginning of January when our services were cancelled as I could not use the TV due to receiver malfunction.
The first issue is that after paying insurance every month along with my bill, when I called for receiver replacement I was told I could not receive the replacement without a new 2-year agreement. I was told this by several people including supervisors. There is nothing in my insurance agreement that says if the receiver is not working and I need a replacement or repair I must sign a new 2-year agreement.
I have been unable to watch any TV in my house as the receiver is not working. I called in December 2016 and had a DirecTV technician here around December 10 2016. He said the main DVR receiver was not working. I have paid insurance to ensure that any technical issues were covered.
I have had weeks of frustration with your company trying to resolve this issue and have not been able to fully watch the satellite television I am paying for due to receiver malfunction.
We also had two receivers that should have been replaced in 2013 when we upgraded to HD but they were never replaced with the proper equipment- That is issue number 2.
We upgraded our plan to include HD TV for all our TVs (four) in 2013- we have only had HD channels on two of the TVs in three years. When the technician came he also told me told although we pay for HD for all our TVs but we never had the proper receivers for two of the TVs. Therefore, we could not receive the HD services we have been paying for as the correct equipment was never supplied at the time we upgraded. We have already fulfilled the two-year agreement for that upgrade but did not receive the correct equipment in 2013.
Again- we have not had the upgrade we have been paying for since 2013 as DirecTV never supplied the correct equipment so we could have that upgrade on all our TVs- as I was told we would have. I fulfilled my two-year agreement from 2013 through 2015. I should not have to sign a new agreement in 2017 to receive what I should have gotten in 2013.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in El Segundo, CA
One of the supervisors I spoke with -Cameron ID #2806067 - told me "it is the customers responsibility to request new equipment when a customer does an upgrade"
I was so shocked and angry I repeated what he said and asked him if he thought that was as ridiculous a statement as I thought it was- since I am not a technician how on earth would I know whether I needed new equipment with an upgrade???? He said it was "standard operating procedure" and that I could not get the two standard receivers replaced with proper equipment. He also told me I could not have the malfunctioning receiver replaced without a new two-year agreement -despite having paid insurance for over five years.
As a footnote, I did speak to a customer loyalty rep named Lamanda in early January 2017. She was extremely helpful and listened and understood my issues. I spoke to her on my cell while on my way to switch to Xfinity Due to her helpfulness we aborted the switch and stayed with DirecTV. She assured me there was no new contract and no additional monthly fees. I should have known better. Shortly after, I received an email to confirm the delivery of the receivers and confirm a 12-month contract. When I called to find out what was going on I got another “loyalty representative” who was curt, rude and cancelled our services. I was angry but now I would love to thank her! I am so happy to be done with DirecTV and AT & T!
A third issue is that we have had an ongoing billing issue with DirecTV. I have a copy of a chat with a customer rep in September that told me I was paid in full until my next billing cycle of October 27th 2016. Yet I am being charged late fees every month. When I spoke to a customer rep in November re: billing. I told him I have paperless billing and pay each month the bill DIRECTV emails me. He told me I ‘can’t just look at the paperless bill you have to decipher the billing from previous statements online” Seriously????? At that time, I requested a billing specialist to look into the issue but have never received any information from DirecTV that this is being addressed.
After paying $10.00 insurance every month since 2011 and fulfilling another two-year agreement in 2013 when I upgraded my service, I have never received the services in full I have been paying for. I also have not been able to use my main TV for over one month due to receiver malfunction. I pay my bill every month but get late fees and I am ignored when I complain.
This feels like robbery and fraudulent business practices! How can you force me to stay with you when you do not fulfill your insurance or other contracts?
I hope I hear back with a resolution to these issues.
Please be assured I am so incensed by these type of fraudulent tactics I will pursue this to the fullest extent allowed me by law.
Thank you
Darrell Rathbun

Jan 18, 2017
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  • Ju
      Jan 22, 2017

    I urge all people with complaints about Direct TV and their deceptive sales practices to sell their service to people to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. There is a page there for filing complaints against internet and TV providers.

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