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Date of Incident: 05/15/2017
Client # 6700942
When alerted to my credit card expiration the second week of May, 2017 via email I immediately went to "my Account" and updated the credit card information. I had been notified of my payment being processed and thanked for using the auto bill pay service.
I then began to get unidentified calls from and "800" number which I prevented from answering due to the 100 calls a day from telemarketers that fill my answering device and interrupt my work.
I then listened to one of the dozens of 800 calls to discover it was DIRECT TV claiming I was in arrears of $280.19 for May and June (which is 11 days early) while their own record shows had been received and a thank you issued to me for using Auto Bill Pay.

I attempted to contact Direct TV via "Chat" which there was no link for and finally called the "800" number for customer service, the phone tree system then went into a loop of bill pay options, threats of discontinued service and endless questions to get to an agent to discuss the issue.

After 40 minutes of unproductive phone tree looping I finally made contact with an agent of "customer service" who continued to repeat the same infuriating information as the automated system; which did not match the information on "My Account." When I tried to stop her from continuing with the script agent "Cyrill- 0151" became very rude and aggressive, stopped me from trying to explain and went back into the script.

I must say that, out of all the customer service contacts I have made, this was the worst experience out of any and especially infuriating out of all the contacts I have ever made with Direct TV.

I Would like to see that the information posted on "MY ACCOUNT" and the information sent to the customers, via all technologies, be consistent and correct, along with the notifications.
I would also like to be treated with respect and when asked a question be allowed to answer.

May 15, 2017

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