DirecTV / annoying phone calls

United States

this number kept showing up on my phone ... so on my break I called it and it was direct tv. after I was on hold they asked what I wanted... I said you have been calling me so what did you want????? well we see you are a new customer ( which I was a customer in the past so I already knew all about the service) and we wanted to know if you knew about the free HBO bla bla bla... I said yes and quit calling me and make sure you don't take automatically take my payment off of my debit card like you did my first bill without authorization either. so she said fine and bye... so I went back to work and about and hour or so later my cell is ringing again and its direct TV's number again!!! the [protected]... so I picked it up and didn't say anything and could hear 2 Asian guys joking and acting stupid and then I said hello? and said it again ? who are you calling? I said who is this? they said your new boyfriend... I said oh really? because I happen to know that this is direct TV's phone number and I am turning you in for harassment!!! oh man please don't please don't and the other smart ### says do what you want to!! now that shows you just how happy I am to have started service back with this company. what a joke.

  • Updated by london17, May 03, 2017

    I was also charged an installation fee that was waived on my confirmation. imagine that. I called several times and chatted with them online. they were no help. they are a joke. I will tell everyone I know to NEVER get DIRECT TV.

May 3, 2017

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