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Direct TV / wrong bill

1 9999 Complaint StreetBurton, MI, United States

We ordered Direct T.V. with the promise we would receive a month bill for $19.99 for I believe two years that included free NFL. I made the sales representative promise me that we would not receive a bill for more than $19.99 per month. Not one penny more. We never received a bill for three months. I called Direct T.V.-they had been sending the bill to the wrong billing address. I informed them of that. They informed me that our bill would be going from $57.00 a month to $102.00 per month. I explained to the women supervisor that our bill was only $19.99 as promised by their sales rep. She told me there was never any promotions that were $19.99 with NFL. She continued to tell me I ordered something I didn't order. I asked her to please stop calling me a liar. She said "well you ordered a different package" I did not order a different package. I asked the two sales reps I was dealing with to listen to the sales phone tapes. They said they could not do that. I told them to cancel our order. They informed me that I would have to paid a $400.00 cancellation fee. I told them I never ordered what they were saying. And that I would not pay a cancellation fee for something we had not ordered nor signed for. They informed me that when our 80 year old neighbor sign a paper confirming they had placed a dish on our roof. At that time our 80 year old neighbor signed a two year contract on our behalf. I informed them that our neighbor could not sign any contracts on our behalf - nor would she. She was asked by the installer to sign a piece of paper that he had placed the dish on our roof. The Direct T.V. sales person lied. The supervisor lied. Anyone that signed up for this promotional offer by Direct T.V. Ones that were lied to; which are many from the different WebSites- We are looking into Class Action Suit. Please email me at to be included if we get a Class Action Suit completed. Thank you Deborah

Jan 14, 2016

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