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How sad is the state of consumer-corporation affairs that DirecTV boasts to have the #1 customer service rating for x number of years in a row!!! I have been a DirecTV customer 1 1/2 years into a 2 year package agreement. During that time, I have made no less than 30 phone calls to DirecTV on numerous TV and customer service issues. They took over 1 1/2 months just figuring out how to set-up an install date to come and get us started!!! That should have been a hint that DirecTV sucks donkey balls but I gave them a fair chance to live up to their advertising claims. Suffice to say, I believe that DirecTV is one of the most morally bankrupt and incompetently run companies I have had the misfortune to come across. I have wasted hours of time on the telephone waiting to get someone to fix a problem with our service and 9 times out of 10, they end up screwing it up and requiring additional follow-up calls. Anyone know how I can get in contact with DishNetwork or Comcast? At this point, I am so fed up with DirecTV that I would volunteer to appear on national television and rake them over the coals for the crappy treatment they have given me over the past 18 months. When I cancel, I am going to damn well make sure that they don't try any of the B.S. tricks of billing me for anything else b/c as far as I'm concerned, they have already been stealing money from me this whole entire time!!! DirecTV and everyone who works for them should suffer eternal damnation for their nefarious business practices!!! If I see a news story about someone firebombing their corporate headquarters, I would not shed one tear! Burn in Hell you disreputable sons-of-###!!!

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  • Fr
      Aug 16, 2009

    I think you just like to complain, I have never had a problem.

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  • Kh
      Aug 27, 2009

    I have only had direcTV for 3 months and I have called them at least 1o times. My apartment complex has a contract with direcTV so that if you live in the building, the ONLY option for tv is through them. It is a racket because my apartment complex is PRE-WIRED for direcTV through another company, direct path.

    BUT, since the criminals running direcTV dont tell you this, they try to sell another service contract to you even though the building is pre wired. So even though the IDIOTS in customer service can see that i live in an apartment complex and it is much easier for me to call direct path, they proceed to sign me up for a direcTV contract, and it never even occurs to them to ask me if I have a balcony where they can mount their ugly ###ing dish.

    So this guy comes out (actually first he calls me the day of my install and says "im sorry there must be some mistake because i see that you live in florida and i work in atlanta, so I cant come install your tv", and i said, well actually I do live in atlanta, and he says, ohhhhh they wrote that you lived in Atlanta, FL...ok I have never heard of an Atlanta, Florida, I mean, use your brain, why would they call a service person in atlanta to install cable in Florida)

    Then he comes and says, ohhh you dont have a balcony...I have to go do a "POLE MOUNT" on the ground which costs an extra $75. Then he gets out a ###ing compass and is in my living room seeing which direction I face and if a dish can even get a signal over the building. He decided it couldnt, it was impossible to mount a dish. I say, so what now, I dont get any tv service? he says no, just call direct path and they send someone out to just turn your cable on, and its all the same channels and same prices that we charge. So I politely asked the service man why didnt the [censored] in customer service at DirecTV tell me this when they signed me up for service, he says, well they probably just wanted to see if they could get another contract to get more money.

    So then I called direct path and was told that they would transfer my service from direct tv to direct path. I was already anticipating the problems i would have now - so they set up an account with me through direct path (which is the same price as direct tv but only a ONE year contract) - then when the guy comes to install it, he cant, because somebody cancelled my contract. he doesnt know why, someone just decided to cancel my contract for no reason. Of course he came to install on a friday, and it was a holiday weekend and customer service wouldnt be back until tuesday, so of course I had to wait all weekend for them to send one stupid signal to my box so i can have tv.

    So what else...They charged me a $200 security deposit (even though I have never had to pay a security deposit for anything else in my life, so I know its not based on my credit) and said they will refund it in the form of a $5 credit on each bill. Well lets see, at this rate, I will get my security deposit back in 3.3 years but my contract is only for ONE year. HMMMM. And obviously I have YET to see that $5.00 credit show up on any of my bills.

    They also told me that I need to fill out the online rebate prior to installation in order for my first bill to be the correct price rather than like $500.00 or something rediculous like that - and of course I fill out the online rebate not ONCE, but TWICE, 3 days prior to my installation. And still hasnt showed up on any of my bills, NOR does direcTV have it in their system that I submitted the online rebate.

    I got a package for $34.99 a month, but I have gotten one bill for $161.00, another for $97.00, another one for $120.00, and one for -$13.00. Yes, NEGATIVE $13.00. Every time I call, they insist that I got a package for $60.99 - YET I have a printout saying that I got the $34.99 package.

    Low and behold, EVERY time I call DirecTV to try and have them attempt to fix one of the MULTITUDE of ### ups they have made, they tell me to call Direct Path - then as soon as I get on the phone with Direct Path, they tell me to call DirecTV. Im not joking. I have not been able to get a single issue resolved.

    I am filing a complaint with the state of California and any other government entity that I possibly can until this is resolved. My new mission in life is to somehow make this company pay for what they are doing - I seriously will not stop until they are fined, or I am forced to file a lawsuit (I just so happen to be an attorney). It would be easy to assemble thousands of other people who they have screwed over - if I have to file a class action lawsuit I will. This posting makes me sound like I am very mentally disturbed, but DirecTV has made me this way.

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