Direct TVissues with bills

I had Direct Tv for one years, everything was fine did all of a sudden I get a 60 dollar worth of movies order, they claim I order . I never did order this movie so when I called they say I had to pay them I order them ok fine I pay the all amount of the bill, before my bill was 127 every year, now it's 160. So I say to block the movies they say they did oh which they claim they did. Next bill come got a order again now two movies for 40 dollar . When I call spoke two three people finally got the manager, the manager agree to take one movies off and pay the other, i say I leaving the company how much is my cancellations fee they say 150 I always wrote everything down the agent tells me when I call and saved them in a pieces of paper. Next time now I got another bill now this one is 227 they say I order movies again, remind you they supposed to block it they never did talk to 5 people for 2 hour to resolves this nutting was resolved so I had no choice to cancel my contract when ask to cancel they say the cancellation now is 160 before it was 150. This was ridiculous every agent was in a different page

May 30, 2018

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