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I signed up for the direct tv and internet bundle at "general sales". They came to install the dish on the day I moved in and all was fine. Then I am waiting for about three days and wondering where my internet service is? So I call direct tv and they tell me to call verizon mysel[censored] I didn’t even know that my internet service would be through verizon, but okay I call verizon and verizon tells me they never received an order from direct tv for me. We are all used to incompetent service these days so I place the order and get verizon to link the two accounts so I can get the bundle deal. Funny how I am paying direct tv so I can do their work for them. Verizon installed my internet service in a couple of days and were very helpful.
Next I call direct tv so they can tell me how to link my internet to the hd dvr that costs a bloody fortune. That's when I find out that I need a wireless adapter. So I go out and buy a wireless adapter at fry's; the tech there looked it up and showed me which one to buy. I came home and installed it and connected internet to my dvr. That's when I noticed my whole home service wasn't working anymore.
For the fourth time in 10 days I call direct tv and that's when they tell me that I can't use whole home and internet without a special box. What is this the stone ages? They make their dvrs like that??? Now, comes the punch line. They tell me they will send this box out right away but then three days later I see that they sent me the wrong box. Hahahahahahaha.
Call number 5; the tech then tells me the new box I need will cost 34 dollars... Oops wait because I am a new customer it actually costs 80 dollars for the same box! I ask for a supervisor and get put on hold for 15 minutes. Finally nina the supervisor - employee number [protected] comes on the line and pretends she can't hear me for the first several minutes. By the time I get her attention I realize that she is rude, dismissive and her tone was unbelievably condescending, I wouldn’t speak to an enemy like that.
Once she hears my story she says there is nothing she can do that I need to pay for the box and for someone to install it because it says in the fine print of my contract, which I signed online and never saw a printed copy of, that I was supposed to have the internet working before tv installation. But the reason I didn't have internet was because they didn't order it nor tell me I needed it. Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh! All that my original sales person cared about was closing the deal and then that was the end of the service, help and information.
This though is the real kicker, I say to her "you are a supervisor and I would think you would want to correct your company’s mistake and satisfy me - your customer - by fixing their screw up, she replies in a very snotty tone "i have bills to pay and I am not going to lose my job over you"
I guess I now understand why they make you sign a two year contract, because once they have you they don't have to care anymore. I miss my att uverse!!! It sucks that it wasn't available here.

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  • Si
      28th of Dec, 2009

    I am a new customer for Direct TV and I hate the day I decided to switch to this company. Within these 3 months I had 30 different issues started from the installation date and finished with refferal credit that I have been promissed and never received. The customer service is the worst service I have ever seen. They always promise and never do anything. Within 3 months I coudn't get my $26 discount for 12 months that being advertised everywhere. Then, I reffered 2 people but never got any discount, and the only answer I got was that "The way that reffereal have been submitted was incorrect". I will propabably just discontinue this service, because I can't take this any more. If anybody reads these comments, please, DO NOT EVER SIGN-UP FOR DIRECT TV !!!.
    Seda Vanoyan

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  • Is
      12th of Feb, 2010

    I write this while I am on hold with DirectTV - whom I have been talking with for over 2 hours solid. I have spoken to 8 people in 5 departments.

    I should just hang up and not try anymore, but the principle of this drives me crazy.

    I placed an order as a new customer on 2/7/10 and scheduled installation for 2/12/10. When the installer arrived (of course I had to take off work) his work order was incorrect and he didn't have the correct equipment.

    When I called to correct the situation Sales told me that because the promotion that was in place on 2/7 when I placed my order had expired that I would not be eligible for the features that were originally quoted to me - even though DirectTV had made the error on my order in the first place.

    When I questioned them about this Sales transferred me to Customer Services who very quickly transferred me to an Equipment dept. Equipment listened and said it sounded like a Sales issue and tranferred back to Sales. This time in Sales I was able to speak to a supervisor who essentially told me there was nothing she could do and that she would transfer me to Retention and they might be able to help me (oh yeah, the transfer disconnected and I had to call back and speak to another person in Sales before getting to Retention - so that makes 9 people).

    The man in Retention took all my information and after some time told me that DirectTV would be able to honor the terms of my original order and transferred me back to Sales. Sales had no ability to enter the terms of my original order and in fact uncovered the error in my original order that led to this whole problem to begin with. Sales indicated that They could place my order and that Retention would be able to credit back the amount in question.

    Now it gets good - you may want a drink, I know I do...

    So I get transferred back to Retention and the man I speak to A.) has no knowledge of the first Retention Rep I spoke with and B.) tells me there is nothingRetention can do to help me since I am not a current client!

    I have asked to speak to a supervisor and have been on hold waiting for this person for 20 minutes.

    I realize I need to let this go and realize I'm just be screwed, but I hate when mega-companies treat customers so badly. Bottom line is that I will still save money over Comcast, but I think its wrong that DirectTV doesn't honor my original order.

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  • Di
      14th of May, 2010

    I recently moved to Arizona from California and really hated the options for television providers out here. It is rural which i like but not many options so I decided to give Direct TV another try as I had been with them a few years back and hated their customer service then and when my contract was up I bailed. Hoping that they may have improved their cust service practices over the years i reluctantly took them up on one of their many annoying letters to come back to them. You guessed it, they still have the same crappy cust service as they did before. I had problems 3 days into service and had no signal so I called them and I was told I would have to wait 6 days for a service tech to come out. I told the rep she had to be kidding that when I signed back up with them a couple of weeks earlier they could have a tech out within 2 days to install. Now that Im in their contract web they cant find anyone to help fix the problem for 6 days???????? so finally that problem resolved after 6 days and now a few months later I have moved and called them to let them know and to schedule an install. Guess what i have to wait another week for the install so no TV for another week!!! They will bend over backwards to help you to get you to marry them for 2 yrs but if you need help after that you get put on the back burner. Direct TV SUCKS!!!

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  • Ms
      20th of Jul, 2010

    I watch the local channels, AMC and TNT. That's it. I have been a customer of Direct TV since 1995. Like lots of people lately, I am having money troubles. Paying around $70 a month for TV is not an option any more. Expecially 9 channels. I called DTV last weekend to ask if they had a better pkg for me. "NO". I asked them if I could upgrade my old receiver to one that could record TV and payback on 2 TV's. They said the cost to upgrade is $99 or $199. I said thank you for your service, hung up and called Dish. Of course they were as sweet as could be. They had a potential new customer. I am getting all of my channels for 29.99 a month for one year and then it only goes up $10.00. It gets installed this weekend.
    Today I called Direct TV back to cancel service. On the phone for 40 minutes trying to get a person. He wouldn't tell me my final bill, he wouldn't quote me anythng and told me all extra charges would come off my credit card I originally listed. My hope (and I don't remember)is that the card I used then is no longer valid.
    What absolute jerks. I can't believe I gave them my time, money and loyalty. I will do my very best to make sure NO ONE I know uses Direct TV.

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  • Jo
      20th of Jul, 2010

    I switched to DirecTV after having problems with DISH's customer service reps: the one's I talked to couldn't speak fluent english and I had a hard time getting the problem fixed! Dish offered the SAME package for around 10 dollars MORE, but promised that I would be "happier with their customer service and it was WORTH the SMALL difference in price" so I switched. Since then, a year has gone by and I noticed my bill went from around $64 dollars to OVER $80 dollars a month!!! When I called DirecTV, they said the price I was given at my initial hook up was "just an introductory price" and that it ended after a year---OF COURSE I was OBLIGATED to their service for TWO years!!! I am now waiting for my service to come to an end and the SECOND it does, you bet your BUTT I'll be DROPPING DirecTV and NEVER looking back!!!

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  • Jr
      16th of Aug, 2010

    I was set to have my services installed on 08/16/2010. The timeframe given to me for the installer to show up was 12-4. I got a call at 2:50 saying that there were delays and that the installer would be arriving at my home in two hours. I called Direct tv at 5:15 to let them know that no one showed up and they said they would contact the local office and that someone would call me within 15 minutes later. 30 minutes passed and no one called me so I called again and spoke to the rudest customer service rep i've ever dealt with. She was trying to set me up for another call back even after I repeatedly told her that I had gone through that already. I requested her manager and after arguing with me for a couple a minutes she just placed me on hold without saying anything. Then her manager came to the line and offered to resolution. I requested to cancel and he blind transferred me to SALES which then had to transfer me to the right department. They convinced me to give them another 30 minutes to have the office call me back so I did...and of course, I never got a call. They kept telling me that their records showed that the installer was "on-site"...why would I be calling them if he was on-site. Needless to say it was the worse Sat I've had in a while and I ended up cancelling the services..

    Their website talks about customer satisfaction but my experience couldn't have been worse.

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  • Jo
      23rd of Aug, 2010

    I have had Direct TV for 3 years without problems at my home, but when I came to stay with my mother after she became ill, I decided to order the service for her as well, unfortunately this was the worst mistake I EVER made... I recieved a notice telling me she was eligible for a monthly rebate close to 3 months after the service was installed. A week later I tried to request the rebate online but it said I was too late, so I placed a call to the rebate center she very nice gal there told me I would need to speak directly to direct TV. Here is where why they do not deserve ANY ONES business I spoke with a young guy who was as rude as I have ever heard, I explained about the notice I got and his response was MAYBE IF YOU WOULD READ YOUR MAIL AND ACT ON IT IMMEDIATELY you would be able to receive this discount as it was 4 days beyond the 90 days, after explaining my mothers illness and she been hospitalized off and on and for the last 4 months I asked for a supervisor, My first thing was to ask why the promotional channels were still accessible if I was beyond 90 days her response was "It's your responsibility to cancel them when the 90 days are up" I replied don't you at least send something out to remind customers"? Her response was no it is not her problem, I told her I also had service at my home and would like to cancel both mine and my moms service and was told it would be over $400.00 and then this So Called Supervisor put me on speaker phone, I requested she take me off the speaker and she hung up on me with a huff. Needless to say I would NEVER recommend Direct TV. My situation is not resolved and have little respect for them and these employees. I have there names but they know who they are.

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  • Re
      26th of Oct, 2010

    I am actually a reseller of Direct TV. I set up a customer for a direct tv package that they decided they needed to change after it had been submitted. So I took charge to make the changes the next day. I have never been treated so rudely!!! How this company got number one customer service rated makes me cringe to think what customer's must be going through with the other companies. If anyone should be able to get someone to respond and get something accomplished one would think it would be someone like me who not only could be a potential customer but someone who could bring lot more business! Not only did I end up losing the business of the customer because of Direct's refusal to help but it took over 3 hours for them to tell me that. so who knows how much money I lost in sales. The funny thing was that I called an escalation number and finally got an American who explained all the "ping pong" that had been going on. She said " We are told to send the customer back to the seller of the package but I have not spoken to one sales rep that could do that. So I know better than to bounce the customer. I just go ahead and do it. " So apparently the entire time direct had the ability but was trying to stick to policy that is known not to work!!! I was thinking to myself that really common sense and customer service is not a language barrier because we are all human and should all have the same sense of how to be treated. So why on earth was this such a hard concept?! Why could no one take charge to solve this issue? It was soooo simple and took all of 2 min when finally someone said I am going to ignore "policy" and take care of the customer!

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  • Sk
      30th of Jun, 2011

    In April of 2010 we signed up for Direct TV Extra package with a DVR system. Fast forward to June 2011. Due to no fault of my own (due to a septic problem the home I had been living in was about to be condemned) I found myself having to move. The only place I could find did NOT want any satellites placed on the property or any holes drilled through any exterior walls. So because I can no longer use Direct TV service they are charging me $180 early termination fee.
    That is not even the fun part. The day after we cancelled the service I get 3 phone calls (they are not to call my phone only my husbands). Call 1- 9:45AM the idiot representative ask me why we cancelled our service. I proceeded to tell him and he stated and I quote... "Your landlord can not legally tell you that you can not put a satellite dish on the house you are renting. That is against FCC regulations." Being that I am a property owner and have been renting out my house in Iowa for the last 4 years I called him out on his shear stupidity. HE HUNG UP! Call 2- 12:50pm- I didn't answer. Call 3- 3:41pm The gentleman was nice and listened to my reasoning told me how sorry he was to hear of our situation and thanked me for using their service.
    Later that night after my husband and myself talked about the phone calls he called Direct TV to complain about my first call. Customer service rep-1 didn't want to get a supervisor or manager for my husband to talk to then said she would, put him on hold. From there he was routed back to the call menu where he was directed to Rep-2 Who continuously was telling my husband to call down and stop using bad language... he never raised his voice or swore once during their conversation. She finally agreed to find a supervisor but he was to busy to deal with the call.
    In close I highly recommend that NO ONE SHOULD EVER USE DIRECT TV!

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  • Mw
      13th of Aug, 2011

    I got lured into Direct TV by there commercial offering great packages for cheap free Sunday Ticket for a year. After moving into a new house with (no internet) I called DirectTV and ordered what I thought was the plan I wanted. I realized after a day or two of watching this wasn't the one I wanted, called them back to go the next tier deal and they wouldn't let me switch.

    A new customer and they wouldn't let me switch to a better deal they were offering because I "made my choice" the day before. In addition to their rigidity, the actual complaint process was REALLY painful. Bad service and dumb business model -- my contract with them can't end soon enough.

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  • Gr
      17th of Nov, 2012

    I feel your pain. Literally right now I am being told that the package I signed up for FROM Direct TV (both Cable TV and Internet service) can not be installed on the same day that was originally quoted. The reason being is that AT&T is the Internet provider, not Direct TV who sold me the entire package (bundle). They fail to tell you this at the time of sale. At the time of sale they claim everything will be done at once. Once you are committed Direct TV's attitude morphs into a fend for yourself approach with AT&T Internet services.
    The nightmare really started with AT&T whose customer service was appalling. Arrogant and fresh would be kind. Condescending and useless would be appropriate description.

    Rather than write on I will simply say let the buyer beware. Direct TV sells you everything but can only control the TV end as they sub contract out the Internet portion of the service. The previous poster from El Segundo seemed to get the jerk around Verizon. Over hear in South Carolina it was AT &T.

    Regarding AT&T their employees need some serious training regarding dealing with he public. Secondly and more importantly they need to be forthright and helpful. Expect them to also charge you for days or weeks of service that you will not receive and to be told to fend for yourself. FYI AT&T's customer service is all foreign and they struggle to understand you and if you are English speaking good luck understanding them.

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