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Direct TV / cancellation

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I opened my account in February of 2002. At that time I contracted for your service, installation and three receiver boxes. On 6/07/07, I paid $21.15 for a replacement receiver unit since the one that I had originally been issued no longer worked. I finally activated the receiver box earlier this year. At the time that I ordered the new receiver box, I was not told that I would be extending my contract in any way. Later, when I activated the receiver box, I was not told that this would in any way affect my contract status.

When I canceled the service, I was instructed to return the receiver box and sent two boxes back in the carton provided.
My May Verizon bill contained a charge of $330.01 for an early cancellation fee. I do not intend to pay this charge and will take this matter to small claims court, if necessary. I intend to contact our local media and make them aware of this billing scam.

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      16th of Dec, 2010
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    I signed up for Direct tv starting December 2010. I spoke with the sales representitive expressing that I was interested in a bundle deal (cable & Internet) and wanted to know if they had such a thing. The sales agent went on to describe that AT&T could be bundled with Direct tv and would allow for a better savings by doing so. The sales agent ran a search to check if AT&T Internet was available in my specific area. The sales agent said yes I do show that AT&T Internet is available in your area and as soon as I was through completing my Direct tv cable that I would be sent directly to AT&T to set up my Internet. I agreed to the terms of the contract, bundled Internet and cable and was a happy camper. So I thought! After I had already established a installation date for my cable through Direct tv and AT&T for my Internet I received a call from Direct tv saying there was an issue with my account. It seems that AT&T is not available in my area even though it was clearly stated that it was! The only reason that I agreed to the contract was for AT&T Internet and Direct tv as a bundle. I called several times to express that I felt that the contract had been breached because the AT&T service that was stated to be available was not and I restated that was the underlining reason for my purchase to bundle save and be satisfied. After three days of calling and speaking to supervisors there was not one person that could understand that I wanted to cancel due to being provided with incorrect information from the Direct tv sales agent. The supervisor stated that Direct tv up held their part of the agreement and was a seperate entity that Direct tv. You think! So point being I can not cancel without the cancellation fee being applied. WTF I said the Direct tv sales agent stated it was available AT&T said it was available and when I came to the installation date I received a call saying nope not available. So here I am SOL not even a week with Direct tv and being screwed over. I have no Internet and will not receive the discount for bundling the two services. I can write my complaint to the billing disputes in Colorado and see if the cancellation fee can be waved. Do not go through Direct tv pay the additional $20 a months for anything better or anything at all in your area.

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      16th of Dec, 2010
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    You should check out the California state attorney general's website as he has information on a recent suit against AT&T and directTV

    I had AT&T for many years and had my service bundled with DirecTV. When I moved about a year ago I called AT&T and canceled my service. They said they would take care of everything gave me the ending amount of my Bill which I paid and that was the end of our business relationship. When I moved I had Comcast supply me with phone TV and Internet access.

    About a year after moving out of my old residence, I received a bill from DirecTV for around $500. I called the number that was on the bill and explain that I had canceled my service about a year ago when we moved and he could confirm that with AT&T. He went on to tell me that they were not the same company, like I didn't know that, and that there business relationship was no longer intact. He went on the say that he would have to have a call from AT&T to confirm that I did in fact cancel my services. I said it would probably be a lot easier if he called AT&T and confirmed it for himself since she was the one that was asking money for me he refused to do so. I called AT&T and told what had happened and as I expected they rubbed their hands clean and said we no longer have a relationship with DirecTV. I called DirecTV back explained it once again to this somewhat abusive and adamant about whatever he was talking about individual and he continued to say that I owed this amount of money.

    Needless to say this conversation went around and around for over three hours all for over a Bill that I did not know and for a relationship that they did not have.

    I asked this person to send me a bill itemizing what the charges were and he said he would. About three weeks later I received a bill from a collection agency stating that they were collecting the bill for DirecTV.

    I called this collection agency told the situation and the person that I was talking to was unwavering and unaffected. I told this individual that I'd be more than happy to pay it although it is not a Bill that I believe is justified. I told him the hold on for a moment while I get my credit card because I was prepared to pay it right then and there. While looking for my card I told this person at the collection agency that I would also need their address that I can send a subpoena to because as soon as I was paying this bill always going to go to my local Superior Court and file a small claims charge against that collection agency. This person immediately asked if I wanted to speak to his supervisor and I said why certainly.

    A few minutes passed and a woman got online stating that she was a supervisor. I again explained the circumstances of the bundled service with AT&T and DirecTV and how I canceled my service and that this bill was not mine. I explained how the person that DirecTV refused to call AT&T to confirm that I had canceled my service and I explained how AT&T refused to call DirecTV and explained that I canceled my service all because they did not have a working relationship anymore. I said to this woman, which by the way she was very easy to talk with, that I would pay this bill today I have my credit card in hand but I would need address of their collection agency so I can send the subpoena via mail are having served by their local sheriff as I was going to file a suit in my County for this particular bill that they say I owe.

    She said that she did not want to get sued and that she understood what I was talking about. She said that she would take this off my record it would not affect my credit and that she was sorry that he came to this point. She also said that she would notify DirecTV of the outcome of this conversation and that if there was any more attempts to collect this unjust bill, a civil suit would be filed against them.

    I have been monitoring my credit since this correspondence with this collection agency that occurred about five months ago and so far there's been no inquiries or additions or any delinquent accounts put on my credit rating.

    This is just one thing that DirecTV has done to me. I read over the lawsuit that many states have taken against DirecTV and AT&T and I feel fortunate that I was able to settle mine without having to file suit hire a lawyer or partake in a class-action suit.

    Be forewarned about bundled services make sure that bundled services mean bundled billing and bundled cancellations otherwise you could be left holding a Bill for services that you never obtain.

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      9th of Jul, 2011
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    DO NOT USE DISH SATELLITE. I tried to cancel my mom-in-laws account and have them wave the cancellation fee. Not only do you have to climb on your roof and get parts off the dish along with returning the receiver and remote, (REALLY) being 89, no longer being able to live alone, and finally death are not good enough. You have to have a Dr. sign a paper saying she would not get better or ever be able to return home. REALLY??
    I guess it really is all about money. To add insult to injury they said I could speak to a supervisor and put me on hold for 25 min. until I finally hung up and called back it. Great company.

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      9th of Jul, 2011
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    So which is it, in the title you say DirectTV and the first sentence you say Dish? If you can not accurately state which company the rest of your complaint holds no water. As ILC said they were doing you a favor, they could have easily said to bad pay the contract as it was agreed too.

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      8th of Mar, 2015
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    I was alerted yesterday about a Fraudulent charge in my personal bank account. I called to find that Direct TV had taken $564.90 from my account. I don't even have an account with Direct TV. I made a 1 time payment for my disabled mother back in the fall and made sure to tell the agent that this was a 1 time, 1 time only charge. My mother had to cancel her service with them due to the place that she moved does not allow Direct as a provider. They sent her the return boxes and that was that. Now they have charged my card for a Cancellation fee because they kept my Card info in their system even after I stressed to them it was a 1 time payment nothing more. My name isn't on the Contract nor has it been. They are telling me its going to take 5-10 business days to find out "IF" they are going to refund my money. I think this is wrong and they shouldn't ever be able to charge any charges just because your trying to help someone out. Please help if possible.

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