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Direct TV / false promises!

1 1470 Sugar creek, United States Review updated:

I had Direct TV for 6 years, 3 month ago started getting bad reception, called them a few times, gave me several instruction to disconnect and connect receiver box, that did not work, called again they gave me same instructions, finally, I told them they need to send a tech to check dish and box, they said will charge me for it. I told them I should not pay for that since I have been their customer for 6 years, the rep was very rude and told me no you have to pay, my reply to her was, you are not the only satellite network in town, I can cancel Direct TV, and get a different service, she told me go ahead and cancel then, I will connect you to the cancellation Department. I hung up, went online checked dish network, found I can get more channels for less money per month, also they will connect 2 TV's to two boxes for free, also there will be no monthly charge for the second box, and will give me a $50 visas card to spend as I please, I scheduled the installation for dish network and called Direct TV to cancel my service, they asked why, I told them, the reason, also explained the offer I have for Dish network, and how their rep was rude, she apologized, and said do not cancel Direct TV, we will come check your system for free, give you a free 2nd box at no monthly charge for the box and we will take $10 off your monthly bill for the next 12 month. I agreed not to cancel my service, and called dish network to cancel the installation.

Little that I know, I get my bill for the month and it turned out to be $9 more than my regular monthly bill. I called, to ask them to explain to me why my bill was higher by $9 and not lower by $10, as I was promised, they told me they did not adjust the bill for this month but next month the $10 discount will take effect, but they will have to charge me a monthly fee for the second box, needless to say I went round and round trying to explain what I was promised, but to no avail, I spoke with a supervisor, she went on telling me the same exact thing as the other person, I asked to talk to he supervisor she said let me check the Dish network offer, explain the situation to my supervisor, and she will get back with you within 24 to 72 hours, I still believed these people, of course no one called, 5 days later, I called Direct TV back, I got the same answers same run around, and they told me they were sorry, the client retention person offered me a free 2nd box with no additional monthly charge but they cannot honor that and to go online and check their rates and policies, I explained to her that the online policy does not apply to me since they made a special offer to me so I will not cancel my service she said the rep made an offer that cannot be honored. I asked to speak to higher ranked manager, she said one was not available and if I want I can write to the office of the president of Direct TV Incorporated, P.O. Box 6550 greenwood village, Colorado [protected]. so may be any one that has a complaint can write to that address, I did not check it for validity, it could be the wrong info again. Needless to say every time I called I was kept waiting online for 25 to 35 minutes, their customer service is very inferior, they reps do not listen to you very well, and keep repeating what they say over and over, some of them can even be rude.

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  • Te
      27th of Feb, 2008
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    I agree. I was promised so many offers that was never delivered. I was promised a 18 month contract. When I inquired about the HD service, I was told it was a free upgrade. Later I learned that the contract agreement was 24 months instead of 18, but they insisted it was free. If your paying an additional 6 months for something it's not free.

    I was told the preminum channels were free for the first 3 months. But when I received my bill there was a sales tax added.
    Why is there sales tax on free. It should be advertised as a rebate, not free.

    I was promised a free DVD player. Then I was told I didn't qualify, then I was told I would get it anyway, then I got a letter saying I didn't qualify again. I was then told I would get a credit for $69.00. After I said it was advertised at $139.00 I finally got a credit but no DVD player.

    The customer service reps do say the same things over and over. I felt they never really listened to what I was saying. Even when I called the office of the president of DIRECTV, the person I talked to there basically said you received the equiipment and I was going to be held to the 24 month contract. Basically I was told there was nothing I could do. They should be called Customer Reps, not Customer Service Reps. Service being the key word.

    Fortunately, I am in a job with high visability so I can do something. I have told this story to customers, realtors and everyone else I come into contact with. So far I have talked 18 people into not using DIRECTV. I will continue to talk people into using another servive. So if they think the 6 months is worth losing customers so be it. It will cost them alot more then 6 months of service from 1 customer.

    Basically I can't wait to get this contract over with so I can go back to Cable TV (Comcast) again. I have made mistakes in my life, but signing on with DIRECTV is one of the biggest. It comes down to principal. I hope ever who reads this will reconsider before using DIRECTV. Use your local cable service, DISH or even U-Verese. I feel you will be much more satisfied.

  • Er
      20th of May, 2008
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    I am so dissatisfied with Direct TV that it is costing me $200 to get out of my contract with them. I have the new crappy DVR from direct tv which is a bunch of crap becuase it doesn't even work right. I have only had direct tv for six months and I am already having problems with my service. I was so upset last night when it did not record the show that I wanted to see. I was out running errands and when I came home to watch it, it wasn't on the recorder. This is not the first time this has happened. I contacted Direct TV three months ago with the same issue and was told that I would be getting new software into the DVR which should correct the problem. It still keeps happening. Now they are blaming their crappy signal or service on me, stating that I refused to have the hard drive inside of the DVR reformated which would make me lose all of the current recordings. I am paying for the damge protection plan which should cover the cost of the new receiver, but they will not give me a new one. I also had a problem with paying for a pay per view movie on line with them as well. Stated they never received the payment and then turned around and charged me again for the same movie.

    The customer service reps or should I say lack there of are very rude and disrepectful people. I was transferred from one department to the next, and you might as well forget about speaking to a supervisor because they obviously do not exist. I was hung up on by the last "customer service rep" I spoke with. That is very rude and down right disrespectful and that is what ultimately made me make my decision to go back to cable. I should have never strayed in the first place, but everyone I know has direct tv and raves about it so I fell into "keeping up with the jones" trap.

    If you are ever thinking of getting direct tv don't. Stick with cable they will never lead you in the wrong direction. Satellite TV is not all that it is cracked up to be. You believe that you are getting a deal in the end, but your not because it seems as though that every month your bill gets higher and higher. I was a loyal customer to Direct TV and paid my bill on time each month and in the end I got the worse treatment from the imaginable.

    Say no to Direct TV and I promise you will not be sorry that you did.

  • Ro
      8th of Jun, 2008
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    I was also promised 'special offers' that have yet to materialize. I switched to Directv in March of 2008. Turns out it probably was a big mistake. Their web page stated an $18 per month discount for 12 months. I was also promised several $10/month discounts. When I recevied my first statement, the $18 had become $13. I called and was told that the offer was $13 in my zip code. When I complained that there was no mention of any type of area restrictions, my words fell on deaf ears. They were sorry, but there was nothing they could do about it. I had also been promised a $10/month AAA discount for 24 months. I was told this would start on my second billing statement. I recevied my 3rd a couple of weeks ago and it's still not there. I've been on the phone with their customer service department (which sucks) many times over these (almost) 3 months. I have called countless times and continue to get shuffled from one person to the next. My calls usually end with a 'retention specialist' promising me that my concerns will be elevated to the next level and someone will contact me within 24 hours, or I mysteriously get disconnected. I did receive an email one day that said that I should be eligible for the discounts that I spoke of, but I haven't seen them yet. The next day I received an email from a different CSR that stated that the offer I spoke of had been discontinued. I finally wrote and called them and stated that if my next statement was not as originally promised that I would cancel the service. I am tired of their games and dishonesty and fully expect that nothing will be any different on my nexting billing statement.

    It's too bad too. Direct TV has some great channel lineups. But they are shooting themselves in the foot, or rather both feet! It makes it hard to understand, but if they don't care about their customers, they won't keep them. I, for one will not stay under their current circumstances, which is a total disregard for customer 'service'.

  • Di
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    I also called to have defective box replaced at no charge. I asked how I could upgrade to DVR and was told that it would cost $99.00. I agreed to the one time charge. The rep said they would arrange installation in 2 days which they did on a Holiday. At the time I thought it was good service.

    Later I spoke to someone at Direct TV and they said that because I had accepted the upgrade, I had committed to a 18 month contract. I told her no rep had mentioned an extended commitment especially when I paid for the box. I sent in a request for reconsideration which was denied. They also said to write to the president.

    Has anyone gotten any resolution to these issues?


  • Ro
      29th of Nov, 2008
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    I received my AAA magazine in winter 2007 which advertised $150 from Direct TV. Called and they said they would put it on. Then it didn't come on, called in March and they gave me $50 and said would get $50 two more times each 6 months. Nothing yet. Called today and they can't find the promotion - but they extended my contract by one year to March 09. Now they want to charge me to get out of the contract.

  • Ru
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    I HATE DIRECT TV. I have never regretted switching companies until I switched to Direct TV. We were trying to save money, considering the issues surrounding a lot of us, but learned very quickly that Direct TV is one of the worst companies to help customers save money. We have not had their service a complete week when we called to complain about the service, plus, the outrageous bill we received. The customer service rep and so-called supervisor was a joke. They were rude and did not care if we were disappointed. They kept threatening us with their cancellation fee of $460, despite the fact, we have not been with them a full week and was not satisfied with the service/equipment we received. The equipment was not what they said we would have installed nor was the price what they quoated on the phone.
    Again, I HATE DIRECT TV. I will dispute their fees and I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND their service to anyone. I regret leaving DishNetwork. The owners of this company should be ashamed of themselves. The customer rep and/or supervisor better hope I never meet them, because I will let them know what I think of them as well. I was polite on the phone but it did me no good, they were still nasty and rude. CUSTOMER SATISFACTON IS NOT A PRIORITY FOR DIRECT TV. They would not even make the situation right. They WOULD NOT correct their mistake. Who does that? The answer is DIRECT TV. THEY SUCK AND I WILL WIPE MY ### WITH THEIR ADDS. Do you hear me? I HATE DIRECT TV.

  • Li
      8th of Feb, 2009
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    Direct TV will never change, the customer service is TERRIBLE, LOUSY. People give you different answers and none of them solve the problem. Contact an attorney, I did, and I am not paying their $280 early cancellation. We moved and moved with Direct TV, but everytime it rains or snows, NO TV; their answers are just great: "That's what happens when it snows, sorry", or "get a cover' (pls don't it's worse), or "get a heater" can you imagine?? a heater for the Anthena? what else?? I just left them and feel relax.


  • Kc
      22nd of May, 2009
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    I was told to write to that complaint address as well and I got a form letter back they didn't even put my name they said "Dear Customer" they didn't even have the courtesy to actually respond to my questions. I Don't like Direct TV. U-verse has been wonderful.

  • Dd
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    Has anyone reported this scam to the BBB?

  • Be
      25th of Jul, 2009
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    Direct Tv is THE WORST COMPANY FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! They LIE LIE LIE!! Please if you are considering getting directtv, reconsider. They tell you one thing and then do another. I have lost more time in my day trying to solve issues they create. Billing me for late fees when I always pay on time. Billing me for the heck of it, and making up a reason for a bill I dont owe, and when I disputed the bill they said they are going to send it to collections. They said Its for my own safety. WHAT??! The company sucks and the Reps suck. Dont do it. Oh and if you have a storm on the way or its raining or cloudy, your reception disappears. So its not worth the hassle.

  • Ac
      26th of Jul, 2009
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    I contacted the BBB about my issue of the "phantom contract." I was told by DirecTV there was NO term agreement when I joined. Eight months later when I canceled, I was nailed with a $200 early termination fee. I was told I was in an 18 month contract, even though they told me when I joined I was under NO contract. They flat out lied to me, and what can I do about it now? Those that have written above, they DO lie right to your face. I told them I was in danger of becoming unemployed in the near future, so I was in no position to sign a contract. The rep assured me I was not. LIE!! DirecTV responded to my BBB claim saying they would not refund my early termination fee. I have since filed a complaint with my state's Attorney General as well. If both of these do me no good, I plan on filing a small claims case against them. Anybody else who has done so I'd be interested in hearing about your case.

  • Ac
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    I understand their agreement is on their site. What I'm saying is, I didn't sign up on the site. So the agreement there means nothing. By the time I saw it on their site, I was already locked into their "contract" that they never told me about when I signed up.

  • Be
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    I could tell about 50 unhappy Direct TV stories, but one of the best is when the tech said the snow was blocking the signal and I should clear it. It's the dead of winter and I explained it was close to the roof and not accessible. There was no snow on it or near it, we lost that signal everytime it rained or even light snow. I'm sure I am on the employee training video on how to deal with an unhappy customer!!!

  • Zi
      30th of Dec, 2009
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    Be careful of being one thing and being delivered another. DIRECT TV Claims to have you for 2 year extention just by changing from regular to HD. So every time you call for something your extend for another 2 years.


  • Sa
      26th of Apr, 2010
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    I came home from a weekend out and it had stormed over the weekend so when i got home i had no service.. i called direct tv and they said it was in my dish or a swich installed in the lines.. they said they could have some body come check it for a $50.00 service fee... So they tell me no matter the fact i rent their junk the dish, wires, and switches are mine...what kinda crap is this??? anything to make a dollar... and they will fix their shabby install at same time for the fee...i think ill deal with the wires hanging and boxes allover... ill never send noone to direct tv... the customer reps are lousy and their service really suxxxxxx...

  • Go
      8th of May, 2010
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    Well, Y'all sound like a bunch of spoiled rotten idiots. Ever since the Apartment complex I was living at took down the master antenna, we had a choice of either cable or satelite T.V. I tried both Warner cable & Dish network. They both turned me down because of my bad credit. I'd been a victim of Identity Theft & my credit has been destroyed. I went with DirecTV. They didn't mind about my credit. I got the satelite antenna & 2 receivers installed the next day. All has been working GREAT for more than 10 years. And I moved 3 times since then. Last year, when one of my receiver's was acting up, they told me I was due for a free upgrade, since I'd been a loyal customer. I'm now enjoying having the latest DVR & fancy RF remote with a lot other benefits. Ever once in a while they give me 3 months, free of charge, Showtime or HBO or all of the premium channels, just for being a loyal customer. I've been very happy with DirecTV for over TEN YEARS.
    Oh, Yes, sometimes there can be problems with the system, but they're always an easy fix IF YOU CAN BE PATIENT while the system get's re-booted. With cable, if a car runs into a telephone pole, carrying the cable, it can be 3 or more days before you get TV service. Besides all that, I have friends who went with Dish Network & are always complaining they don't have the service I have with DirecTV.
    Also, Y'all got to understand that a lot of customer service people are not with who-ever you're complaing about.
    They're just a service & can be irritated by idiots, TOO! Y'all need to grow up & be patient!
    Just unplug the receiver, pull out the card & wait 2 minutes. Plug it back in & put the card back in, when prompted to & all will work well, again. And if it doesn't, just call the correct number & they can re-boot the system by satelite. And don't forget, high winds, big birds, owls or vandals can mess with your antenna, too.

  • Jj
      18th of Jul, 2010
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    I am also a Direct TV customer and I was not going to even posts my experience with them or their "affiliates" on this site. I was just going to get in-touch which their CEO as well as the Better Business Bureau but the last comment made me feel obligated to do so. First let me start by saying I'm glad you've been a customer with them for "ten years" and it has worked for you BUT everyone OBVIOUSLY isnt having the same experience. Secondly I have never gone to this extent to complain about anything in my ENTIRE life BUT this is NECESSARY because the damage has already been done to me so if I can save the next customer from being exposed to the level of DISRESPECT as well as the LIES I have endured I feel obligated to do so. What was done was Immoral and Unethical.

    My issues started on the day I set up my service July6th with a rep named Rodney. I ended my contract with Comcast early because I was looking for a package that was more suitable for my home. I went to Direct Tv's website and found a package that sounded like what I was looking for. I called the Direct Tv number and spoke with Rodney and he told me what the "package" or "bundle" consisted of and what that would cost. After he explained the bundle I asked "SPECIFIC" questions so that I could confirm what the package consisted of before agreeing to the contract. He never spoke of ANY rebates that needed to be completed before the installation. I have later been informed after my installation by Kelsey that this rebate is what allows the price to be the price I was quoted over the phone. I was also informed on my installation date that the price does not include internet which is what I was told. I would like to clarify that I later found out this Rodney does not work directly for Direct TV he works for a retailer that is affiliated with Direct TV which doesn't change the fact that I was lied to in order to get into a contract I didnt agree to, and Direct Tv IS responsible because they AUTHORIZED that person to represent their company. If "their" retailer gave INCORRECT information then it is the job of Direct Tv to try and resolve the situation!

    My next problem
    My installation date was set for July13 from 8a.m-12p.m once the date was set I altered my schedule so that I could be home for the installation. I called during my scheduled time to check on the status of my installation and was told that the tech had already tried to contact me. I was baffled by that response, it turns out Rodney did not add my alternate phone number down even though I advised he do that several times. Once the tech called my work phone and got no response he left. I was told he would be coming back and would call me in 20mins by numerous reps, Supervisors, as well as the local office. I was told at 10p.m on the 13th by a supervisor Lacrisha that my installation would deinitley come on the 14th because my issue has been escalated. I explained how important it was for me to have an idea what day they were coming so I could adjust my schedule and he guaranteed me the tech would come the following day. I was scheduled to fly out for a 4 day Conference on the 12th and decided to postpone it until the 14th, THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN I changed my flight three times because of Direct TV. On the 13th, and 14th I was promised the tech was coming to do the installation and that did not happen. I had to speak to OVER 20 rep's in those two days including Supervisors that each promised me "the tech is DEFINITLEY coming today, and he will call in 20mins" I received no call from the technician until the 16th. After being promised our installation would be completed on the 14th I called and spoke to a few more reps that promised me he would come out. I was eventually transferred to a Supervisor by the name of Sam that informed me "we dont have the HD DVR box you requested instock so your installation will have to be rescheduled". I missed my conference because of this mess, I informed the Reps of my frustration i was told I should have scheduled my installation for a more convenient time which was infuriating. If I need my installation done should I clear my schedule for the day I was promised as well as three days after?

    Once my installation was completed the Lies I were told began to unfold! I have been on the phone with them everyday since the 13th trying to get this cleared up. Each rep gives me new information in which I "agreed" to without even being aware of them. I have just recently been informed that I only had 24hrs from my installation to cancel and I was told the day before I had 15 days. The reason I didnt cancel when the supervisor Elizabeth told me 15 days is because she promised me I was going to get my first month's bill free for the inconvenience as well as HBO and CINEMAX free for three months. I told her that would be okay BUT my problem extends past the next three months so if she could have her manager Alan give me a call since he wasnt availible at the time. I was hoping to come to a reasonable agreement. That call has not been received even though he was to call that day.

    I called yesterday to ask a question about "how the on demand works" and found out I was lied to once again. This rep "Carlos" didnt see everything Elizabeth promised the day before in the notes so I asked to be transferred to his Supervisor by the name of Ceasar. When I tried to explain what was promised to me the day he became irate. He wouldn't let me speak, he kept putting me on hold in the middle of my sentences and so much more, our conversation turned into a yelling match because he was extremly rude. I asked him to transfer me to his manager and he put me on the phone with a "Carlos" who was unable to assist me. This experience has been a Nightmare. All I wanted was a package that suited our home better. Now I'm either stuck without Cable for how ever long it takes to get someone new in here if I do this I need to rearrange my schedule which means the loss of money as well as pay the penalties for cancelling the account or stay with them in a contract I would have NEVER agreed to.

  • Cd
      10th of Sep, 2010
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    I have also had a horrendous experience lately with Direct Tv. We recently switched so that we could get NFL Sunday Ticket and just yesterday turned on a game only to find that we do not have NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox etc. We don't get BASIC cable!! And the reps informed us when we called that it's not available to us. Basic local cable is not available to us. They showed zero empathy, were not at all helpful and actually advised us to go to Radio Shack and buy rabbit ears if we want to watch anything on those channels. After spending hours on the phone with them, someone told my husband that they used to be able to just give a nearby city's local channels and that at one point he actually had a customer move across country and they allowed him to watch Texas local channels in NY - but at this time, they can't give us any local channels whatsoever from anywhere and we're just out of luck. Disgusting.

    Not only that, but the installation guys cut our internet lines so we had to pay the other company to re-install them and when we called in with our referral to get our $100 off, they said to call back the next day with the exact account number and the next day they told us it was too late to get the referral discount. They are just dishonest people with horrible customer service.

  • Pj
      29th of Nov, 2010
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    I 've had DirecTV since 2002, haven't had any problems with the tech support yet, but don't you people know, you are not talking to anyone in the US when you are looking for Tech support. Ever see the commercial where the CSR is a guy with a russian accent and says ' Hello, my name is Betty...' You are talking to people in India or South America. Plus anyone knows when dealing with a dish mounted on your house vs. a cable, the cable isn't likely to be interrupted by weather.

  • Ar
      8th of Jan, 2011
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    All the comments on this blog are the result of not reading what was offered or not wanting to pay the small service charge to cover repairs when needed. It's called cheep or stupid. I get Direct tv and have enjoyed the best reception and service of any company in the tv business. Your writers are [censor]s who want to get something for nothing.

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