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We recently signed up for Direct TV and although so far we have only had a few problems with the signal (not too many to be fair)

The big problem is that we are unable to record anything either directly from the signal to a DVD recorder or from the DTV DVR to a DVD recorder. When attempting to do so the recorder stops the recording with a message saying that

"Copying of this material is not allow recording has stopped"

After a number of misleading calls to the company indicating that some shows maybe copy protected by the various channels etc. I eventually found out that the DTV "cable/satellite" box has something in it that prevents recording or anything to anything!!! This is probably so that you have to have their DVR and or because they eventually intend to charge you EXTRA for the privilage of recording shows you could record off the air if you didn't have their service.

According to the Tech that told me this they are aware of the problem and working on it but no time frame for when it will be corrected or even how long they have been working on it.

I'm no lawyer but this seems like it would fall under the area of nondisclosure of a material fact? Any attorneys out there interested in filing a class action?

Bottom line if you ever intend to record anything you might want to keep DON'T sign up with DTV!!! Once my contract is over I'm GONE!

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  • Ky
      4th of Feb, 2010

    the next question to ask is how many signatures on a petition do you need to force change? then go to


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