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Direct TV / signal/install

1 United States

My complaint is not as bad as some the others are but I was severally disappointed with Direct TV. For about four years we have been customers of Millenium Digital Cable (now called Broadstripe) and they recently jacked up our prices and even took away a bunch of channels. So much for getting 'More for Less.' More like PAYING more for less.

Any ways, back to Direct TV. Deciding we wanted to try someone else, we called up Verizon. No FIOS available in our area so they made us an offer with Direct TV. We already had Verizon Phone, DSL and Wireless so they were going to bundle it all together for a really good price. My wife and I were quite pleased with this. They told us that since we have a balcony we can have the dish installed on that. Great. We call up Millenium, tell them basically go to hell and wait for the Direct TV technician to arrive the next day. He actually arrives early. How often does that happen? From what I read here, almost never. He goes out to the balcony, looks around with his little line-of-sight tool and gives us the bad news. Apparently, Direct TV's signal only comes from the SW direction. Only one? Our building is blocking any signal from that way. Mother-BEEP! Our apartment management won't let us put anything on the roof so we're SOL. Wonderful. Since there's nobody else who's going to give that good of a deal we now have to make peace with Millenium.

What gets me is that Direct TV only has one satellite from the SW direction? Effectively cutting off any potential revenue from the thousands of people who have obstructions facing SW. This doesn't sound so direct to me. Oh well, it's their loss.


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