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Let me share about my experience with direct tv. I heard, from a few friends that recentrly switched to direct tv, that direct tv was cheaper than cable. (The same friends are as frustrated with direct tv as I am) so I looked into it and gave direct tv a call. The lady to whom I spoke to was very kind and pleasant. She went through all the packages. Towards the end of our conversation, I thought I had all the information I needed and as I was ready to hang up the lady starting to push about the service. It made me a bit concerned but at the moment I was convinced that direct tv was the way to go. I asked the lady to repeat the service as I compared it to what I had with cable. I told her that I paid $58 for my digital cable with hd, dvr and all those neet things with time warner. She said that with direct tv I would get over 200 hd channels, dvr and few extra things for $65.00 a month with a 2 year contract. I was, $7 bucks more for that much stuff... I am sold... Then she offered a $75 gift card if I singed up today. I was like... I am in. So I said yes and the guy came within a few days to install the unit. He came and told me I could not get any signal due to the trees surrounding my home. I was disapointed but oh well. So I called in customer service and shared what the tech said in which they asked if they can send another tech for a second opinion and they will give me an additional $50 gift card. I thought it was a good deal and I accepted. The tech came, got the channels (So I thought) and I was a happy camper unitl my first month bill. $89.97! So I called customer service to fix the mistake and that is when my whole perseption of direct tv got distorded. Lets start with the fact that what the lady told me about the monthly payment being $68 for 2 years is not true, it was only for 12 month and then it will go up to $89. Why couldnt they tell me that, why would they lie about such thing? Then I had to sign up for the discount which will reflect my following bill but for now I had to pay the $89. At the same time, the lady said that when I signed up that I was only promised a $50 gift card and a $25 gift card for the re attempt of installation. I was like, what the heck? These people lied to me about the amounts and now they say I am bound to a contract that I do not even have (At the time of the conversation) and if I wanted to cancel (This happended 2 days after I got the actual satelite service) I had to pay $480.

Do not fall into the lie. Time warener cable is way less expensive and is way better. Custoemr service is 100% a disasater with direct tv. They do not hear the concerns like mine and told be I was not telling the truth. Now, I am going to pay about $500 more for direct tv for a less quality and service product than the one I had with time warner. And when it came to the gift cards, I am still waiting... It is so sad.

It is sad that there is businesses out there that lure individuals with lies and deception and then claim you are being disnhonest and try to get you with their lies.

Do not buy direct tv>>>> if you do< you will get deceived!

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  • Ac
      Jul 03, 2009

    I too was flat out lied to by DirecTV. When I signed up on October I was in danger of losing my job, so I asked them if there was a term agreement, because if there was I couldn't sign up. I was told 3 times that there was absolutely NO term agreement. Well, I was laid off from my job, and I canceled last week, only to get hit with a $200 early cancellation fee. I called about it and was told I had an 18 month agreement. I was never ever ever told this when I signed up. In fact, the company doing the install who I ordered it through told me there was no contract, AND the DirecTV employee I spoke with told me there was NO contract. They will not listen to me though. That's why I explicitly called them to inquire, because I knew I might be losing my job, I explained this to the man on the phone, and he reassured me 3 times I was NOT in a contract. Now I'm screwed because they flat out lied to me!

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  • Jo
      Jul 03, 2009

    I totally understand. When it comes to me, I knew I was getting into a contract but they told me it was for $60 something bucks but it ended up not being true.

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