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Direct TV / false / misleading information

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I was offered a special package/rate deal due to being a "loyal customer" (5 years) and the fact that direct tv was discontinuing the total choice plus package that I currently have in a few months. I was told since I was a "loyal customer", I could get the sports package and all movie channels for $10 dollars extra for the next 4 months. After which, I would have to call and cancel if I didn't want to continue with it.
Three days after receiving this new deal, my bill went from $70.96 to $162. I was told that my bill included a $49.95 charge from having a defective receiver changed out by a tech (Wasn't informed about the fee by the service dept) , but that still doesn't explain why i'm now paying $41.00 dollars more. I tried to cancel the deal, but they claim i'm under contract for 4 months and another 18 months due to the new received that i'm leasing from them... What a crock!.
I really hate the way they leave out the details or completely omit them while their locking you into these deals.
Consumer beware. This is the first time in 5 years of doing business with them that i've had an issue, but the way this started and the way it's being handled is totally unethical and unprofessional.

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  • D0
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    I started a contract with DirectTV almost 3 years ago. During this time, the DVR failed. I was paying the extra insurance fee to cover any equipment failures, so they replaced it. The technical rep was surprised that I had that particular DVR as he said it had known failure issues and was no longer in their product line. OK, so I had the insurance AND the DVR was a known poor quality unit. Due to economic circumstances I can no longer afford the $76 a month or any monthly fee for that matter. I called Direct TV and canceled. The customer service person said I would have to pay a cancellation fee. I asked why and explained that the replacement DVR was not a requested upgrade - the one they installed had failed, so OF COURSE it was replaced. He said he had waived the fee. Several more calls from DirectTV to get me to stay with them, each person mentioned the cancellation fee, I recounted the story, they said the fee had been deleted. Today I get a bill for a $304.60 cancellation fee. Three calls to billing in which they listened and agreed I shouldn't pay. They each noted that I shouldn't pay and then put me through to connections or the "ACE" department to finalize it. No one bothered to tell "ACE" about the deceptive business practices and how it brings about bad juju to your company. Each person insisted that when the DVR broke, by getting it replaced (remember it was INSURED) I was extending my commitment by 24 months. So, I had a choice not to replace the DVR, not to watch my DirectTV service for a year and have no extension, but since I had the DEFECTIVE DVR that THEY installed replaced, I was automatically signing on to another 24 month agreement. I tried to stay with the logic of the argument but find it unbelievable. "Leah" told me that I should not have allowed them to install the defective DVR in the first place (my bad!). When I mentioned that I would take this to the Colorado Atty General's office as an official complaint of deceptive business practices she stated that DirectTV had their HQ in Colorado "so good luck!". If you are researching DirectTV prior to signing up my input is don't do it. I don't know if Dish or Comcast have this same rule but it appears that if DirectTV installs poor quality equipment and you have it replaced at various intervals, theoretically they can keep your commitment to them extending indefinitely into the future. The world truly is their oyster - unless you want to be chained to them indefinitely or be forced to make a mega payment to separate for whatever reason - DO NOT SIGN WITH DIRECT TV!!!

  • El
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    Been with DirectTV for over 7 years. We had the Premium package ($147 monthly)with 4 leased boxes. DirectTV offered us two FREE HDTV boxes, with free installation. Everything was perfect! All I had to pay was $9.99 additional monthly.

    About 5 months later. We decided to close the account.

    The Rep told us that we needed to close the account via writing, because we are longtime customers and will get assessed termination fees because we were on a two year contract because of the FREE boxes we accepted. bear in mind that was NEVER explained when the offer was made. We wrote the letter but still got assesed the exhorbitant fees. This is what they said, "Even if the Rep did not tell you on the phone, we send the terms out in writing." That's all fine and dandy, but everything we do with DirectTV and all our bills are electronic. Meaning, we do not receive paper bills from DirectTV. So we do not open mails, as 90% are marketing materials. I sent emails to them, letting them know we are not paying the ridiculous fees.

    To be honest, I was planning to switch back to DirectTV, but after this it will take a year and 12 millenia before I do that. I have no issue with their service, but their marketing tactics are unscrupolous, and borderline - if not outright - illegal. I will not tell anyone not to sign with DirectTV, but do not accept anything FREE from them. It ain't!

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