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Direct TV / unethical practices

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I am not sure who will receive this but for direct tv services I am sure there is enough information provided for them to search my information. Where are the laws that protect consumers from companies do unauthorized credit checks. On the evening of 10/9/08 I presumed to contact direct tv on behalf of my husband regarding a promo offer in the mail and I actually received very good customer service, the sales person was very knowledgeable. But I repeatedly stated that I was only calling to inquire about the products not order the service. I was asked my name, I said that I didn't have a job and that my husband is responsible for the bills so therefore I would not be placing a order. I was asked yet again, then I was asked if they could do a soft credit check, which the rep preceded to say that it would not be a credit check on me but a check on the address to see if the address qualified. I gave her no other information and then the next thing I know I being transferred to the resolution dept. People listen if I have a bill, yes it has to be paid. But this was not handled very professionally. I was asked 3 times about running my credit and 3 times I said no. Direct tv rep did a credit check after saying no 3 times. I asked for a supervisor or manager 2 or 3 people got on the phone and refused to give me a supervisor, or a manager, their last name, their location, or even a help line. I was told by one rep she was going to drop the call. I am not a disgruntled old bill customer... I was highly upset the fact that I didnt give a social or anything or any approval and my credit was ran. I guarantee if I pull my credit report their is an inquiry by direct tv. It is amazing that direct tv would be quick to search someone information without permission but utterly refused to give any information about their own company. Which leaves to think why should I have given my maiden name when asked. You have already pulled my credit. Yes if there is a dispute it has to be handled. I feel baffled right now anybody could have called up and gave a common name as I have and you mean to tell me that gives you the right to run a credit check. I have just went through a process that just was settled in court for the same reason. Do the companies not know the laws? I am sure I will have enough money to pay any debt that I could possibly owe... If I had the service it would have been several years ago... And what is really going on. I just called in for info on an offer not to go through a hassle such as this. The reps have the sales pitch down pat but they may want to re train on the areas of obtaining consumer information. May the economy is so busted right now that no one cares about the fair credit laws and such. Sorry I ever called in...

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  • Ca
      10th of Dec, 2009
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    Not only does DTV not honor their pricing but their installation service is the worst. I initially signed up for DTV because it was the only provider in the area in which I moved. The installer who initially showed up could not do the job because he “didn’t have the right equipment”. I waited the next day for the team to show up again, and was left waiting another two days only to find out they still could not install it. It took over a week and four days of my time waiting on them to show to get the job done. When I moved I attempted to keep them as the service contract was for two years, to avoid their disconnection fee. The second install was just as bad as the first one telling me once again they did not have the “right equipment” and would come back the next day. The next morning I was called and told that they had two “no calls-no shows” for work but would get the job done. Well, after waiting all day Saturday and no show or call I called Sunday only to be told that I mysteriously cancelled my contract. The fiasco continued for a few more days and when I asked to be compensated for my time I was pretty much dismissed.

    It is inconceivable that this company is allowed to do business in such an unethical unlawful way and the BBB or Attorney General’s offices do not seem to care. How can they still in business without having to pay for their shortcomings? They expect customers to sit and wait until it is convenient for them to show up or until they get their story straight about what the “package really costs”!!! Hello?? How is it that consumers are being railroaded by this company???

    They are the worst and should not be allowed to do business ever.

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