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Direc TV Service / rip-off/unauthorized charges/poor customer service

1 MI, United States Review updated:

Direct tv is a total rip-off. I have been with them for a year, when I moved, I was told that I wasn't going to be charged for transferring my service. Other unauthorized charges were on my bill every month including a $49.99 service call charge. I had been charged for an extra receiver that I didn't have for over a year. My monthly bill is not what they said it would be. Also, the "so-called" customer service reps are very rude, and they get mad at you for wanting to discuss your bill. Direct tv is a joke. I'm through with them!!!

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  • Di
      19th of Sep, 2007
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    direct tv service - Service tech did not show up 2 days in a row
    United States

    Had great experience with direct tv until I needed service. First scheduled technician did not fix problem. Second and third did not show up in the specified time frames (6-8 am and 8 am -12 pm). No call, just didn't come after I arranged for someone to be off work to meet them. 1st excuse was he got there an hour after the time frame. Still waiting for second excuse. And don't even get me started on their annoying automated attendants!

  • La
      17th of May, 2010
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    direct tv service - Billing and services
    direct tv
    United States
    Phone: 270-339-3843

    To whom it may concern,
    I am a new costumer with direct TV I have had so many problems since I started my service's the beginning of this month of may 2010. I would also like to let you know that when calling to discuss my concerns they gave me the run around and didn’t really seem to worried like it was "not a big deal" including the supervisor I spoke with.
    To start upon calling direct TV and setting up my account and choosing my package I made it very clear that I wanted to be sure of what my bill would be, before giving him my debit card information. What was agreed upon was the choiceXtra package for $34.99 with 2free upgrades HD DVR AND HD RECIEVER FOR A $5 fee which I agreed on. I was told I would be billed that plus tax so approx. a bill of around $48.00. I then gave him my debit information for the $21.00 installation fee.
    On the day of my installation the gentleman came to get my services installed. Okay first thing that happened was he said "you know there is a $75.00 fee to install a pole for you dish" I said "no I did not know because no one told me that" however the representative did say that I would need to notify my landlord and which I responded I already have she doesn’t care as long as it is not attached to her house and he said okay they just have to make sure, nothing more was said about any fee. So I went ahead and gave him the $75.oo in cash and got my receipt. Then he went on to install the pole and dish outside of my home, when he came in to set everything else up he did not have my HDDVR but instead 2 HD receivers. When I asked him he said "it is not on your order mam".
    So when he left I called the direct TV company and was told they didn’t put it on my order although I agreed to pay the additional $5 for it per month. I said "yes I did order it and I want my dvr" he then says it will be a $21.oo installation fee I said " no sir I already paid that and im not paying it again." He then went on to disagree saying I would have to. Finally He transferred me to a different department because I said "imp not paying that again" the other representative said she would send my the dry the next day and credit the $21.oo to my account. Which I did get the next day.
    When my direct TV bill arrived, and I opened it and seen it was $72.75 I was in shock! I thought there’s got to be a mistake. It said CHOICEXTRA package $63.99, plus $5.oo for my receivers, then with tax total 72.75. I then seen under that REMEMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR REBATE!(IF YOU SUBMITTED YOUR REBATE AND DONT SEE YOUR CREDITS, PROCESSING CAN TAKE UP TO 6-8 WEEKS. I was never told anytime while setting up my services anything about a rebate. If I had known this I definitely would of got right online and done that. so I then went to the website and did that . Then again called direct TV right after that. I explained the situation what my bill was agreed upon for my bill and how I was never told about any rebate! He asked well have you submitted it already I responded "yes I just did" he went on to say it will take 6-8 weeks for it to process. I said " yes I know but your company didn’t tell me to do that so its not my fault if I knew I had to do that before installation so my bill would $35.99 not $63.99 why wouldn’t I just take 5 minutes to get on my computer and do that?" He said "well you can call the rebate department they might credit your bill since it was a mistake on our end and he said" I have heard this from customers before that they were not informed about the rebate he was very nice and he gave me the number.
    I called then again had to explain the situation to representative in that department. Let me add by then I was frustrated and I was getting no answers but I was very respectable although her attitude lack of concern really upset me. She kept telling me the same thing over and over about my bill would not be 48.oo until my rebate was processed up to 8 weeks. I told her I was not informed and I should not be held responsible she would not help me and said "There's nothing I can do you'll just have to wait until the rebate is processed. So I said "Can I speak with a supervisor." and His name was Elvis I couldn’t understand something’s he said because he had an accent when I would ask can you repeat that he seem very annoyed. I asked him to credit my account if could do that. He said that’s not possible and said there was nothing else to do but wait. He was not very apologetic or even friendly for that matter. I will just have to pay the Bill until its processed up to 8 weeks and imp not at all satisfied with this company, but since I signed a contract for up to 24 months I can not disconnect my services or ill be charged a prorated fee of $480.oo!!!
    Thank you for time,

  • Tu
      15th of Dec, 2010
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    It's unfortunate they are that way.They are constantly being sued for misrepresentation.I don't miss them at all.At least with dish network, i was informed what my bill would be & that's what it's been every month.They may require a higher start up cost but it is so worth the peace of mind and hassle free service. Directv sux, Dish Network rocks!!

  • Tu
      15th of Dec, 2010
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    Its unfortunate they are that way.They are constantly being sued for misrepresentation.I don't miss them at all. At least with dish network, i was informed what my bill would be and that's what it's been every month.They may require a higher start up cost but it is so worth the peace of mind and hassle free service. Directv sux, Dish Network rocks!!

  • Ne
      15th of Feb, 2011
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    direct tv service - Accounting Errors
    Direct TV
    United States

    Four times w/in a year monthly payment checks have been inc0rrectly credited to some other account. ( In ALL instances, I could not get past Customer Service to speak with Finance about error, could not get name/contact for Finance Dept or clearing house that Direct TV uses to transpose/post checks electronically. Customer Service Supervisors (4) stated only procedure for resolution is to fax a copy of your Bank Statement showing the Direct TV withdrawal w/Name/Acct# and they will within 3-4 weeks credit your account, IF they find what was submitted by your bank acceptable proof of payment. They accept no responsibility for misposted errors, unless proven they are misposted by the customer through their designated process. Other choice to settle? Just pay the bill again. You can not get any verification of receipt from Direct TV acknowledging receipt of this info. when faxed..your responsibility when faxed. (1) This invades privacy and puts your personal info into hands of everyone at Direct TV. (4 times in year in my case, and involving 2 banking accouts.) How can the legally refuse to accept responsibility for Direct TV errors? Has anyone else experienced this? Would like to know how many other customers have experienced this that will speak up! According to both banking institutions they are bombarded by customers with this same problem...we need a way to band together and voice complaints about Direct TV as a group...or find an advocate for power in individual complaints...they don't listen to individuals...and care less about customers once a contract is signed...

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