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I can't even begin to explain about one terrible experiance it's been being a directv customer. It's been a total nightmare, i mean it. I have never been pushed so over the edge. It seems like me that there is management problem with directv company all together. Before i share what has actually happened, i must share that when there is an issue, i could not only get any rep to resolve a problem, i could not even get a manager in billing to help. Instead, i felt i was being bullied by a billing manager himself.
I don't know what to do! I can't anyone at that company to help me thus far. All i wanted was some cable tv at a price that was promised to me but that is not what i got!
And person after person after person at directv could not do anything right to resolve customer issue. It's not a big deal when a company makes mistake, but it's about how company addresses a mistake. Well that's not how i was treated by directv!
Here is the horror story that i am still dealing with!
So i look for cable company and see ad from directv in the mail. I open it up and see an ad about cable service at $ 30 something dollars. I thought great, i am calling. I call them and talk to a rep, telling him that i am looking at an ad and this is what i would like. He didn't know what i was talking about, had no idea! Said they don't have anythink like that!
Okay, not a big deal. That's nothing. So i ask him to share with me about different plans that directv has available so i could see if i want to sign up. He tells me about different plans. We talk for a long time. I double check and ask questions over and over again to make sure we are on the same page. So anyways, so he tells me about a service at $ 50 something dollars and about channels including - and that's all he tells me (Nothing is told about rebate or any hidden fees, nothing) i thought why not sign up, it's only $ 50 something. Not just that, he tells me about the free equipment that i will get. I thought wow this is cool, tv service at a good price and free equipment. I was really happy so i signed up.
Then comes the nightmare!
Guy comes to bring me my equipment, to set it up at my condo. Then tells me that it will cost like $ 200 something dollars. I said wait, i was told it's free. So he calls customer service when at my condo and puts it on a speaker. By the way, on the sheet that he had with him, it said free!
Anyways, he calls directv customer service and the rep basically said no it's not free!Buttt... If i sign up for hbo and la la la then it will be. Other than that, it was not free. Anyways, after an an hour of nerves, she gets attitute with me and says i can keep the equipment since i upgraded with the hbo channels.
Okay, that's nothing. This was just a start.
So time passes by and i get my bill. Guess what? What i was promised over the phone when rep sold me the service was nowhere to be found on the bill!That's right! Nothing even close to $ 50 something service that he signed me up for! Not a word!
So i call directv customer service - asking what the deal with this bill? Rep said my service cost $ 75!!! And if i want the $ 50 service, i need to send in some rebate online! And then i need to wait a month or two to see it take effect on my account. Wait a minute i said! When the service was sold to me, there was not one word about rebate!!!Sending it in, waiting for it... Word rebate was not part of the sales presentation as he was signing me up! I said that's not right! Why would you tell me to go thru some steps to get some rebate so i can get what i was promised? Anyways, rep was being totally unprofessional and basically said it is what it is! This was a rebate program and if i want that deal, i need to go thru the rebate process!
I was so pissed so i called directpath. Rep there heared me out, said i will get credit and that a manager will call me. Never happened. No manager or anyone called me.
Then i fly in to europe for a month and come back this month, in june. I told myself, once and for all i need to get this taken care of!
So i call, ask the rep to put me on the phone with manager. I wait for nearly 30 minutes on hold and then get dropped by directv. Didn't get to speak to anyone after nearly 30 minute hold:)
Okay, so i tell myself next day i have to get this resolved. I call, rep tells me to tell her what happened? I told her about my bill being wrong and that i am not supposed to have $ 75 on it, that rebate was never mentioned. She said" ohhh, i understand your frustration" then tells me " you still have 10 days to file a rebate". I ask for a manager. I see it is not going anywhere. I get a billing manager on the phone who could see i just about had it. So what does directv billing manager tells me? Well' basically that we would not be having this conversation if i would have done rebate! I said sir when your company sold me this service, your rep didn't say a word about rebate, why would you make a customer jump thru hoops to get $ 50 that was promised by your sales rep when he signed me up? This manager was not hearing it! He basically that i don't have another choice that i have to do rebate - ohhh and even if i will, it will take about 2 billing statements before i see it apply.
That's just wrong. It's not the $ 25 that i keep paying extra each month for something i didn't sign up for, it's the fact that sales rep at directv can say whatever he wants when he sells and not mention a word about some rebate and then directv pushes a customer to have to apply for rebate or be punished with extra fees!
I don't know what to do! When i wanted to cancel the service, they told me to pay hundreds of dollars in cancelation fees! So they won't correct their mistake, they won't cancel my service for free - instead they try to bully me into going online, signing up for a rebate and then wait about 2 month before it takes place. Basically everything i have been paying so far has been the wrong price, all reps and management thus far has not done anything to correct their mistake. I don't know what to do! This has been one terrible experiance doing business with directv!

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  •   Dec 06, 2009

    Cancel your service with Directv now or you'll be sorry!

    Directv is a scam and they will fight you tooth and nail. Warning--- if you have a credit/debit or checking account on file with them please cancel it right now. Their policy is that if they deem that you owe them, they will charge your card or account @ any given time. It happened to me and they hit me for $276.00 all at once. Their reasoning was that I wanted to keep the HD box and they were going to keep the additional overage and apply it to my account. They did just that. My saving grace was my relationship with my bank and an error on their part a while back. I had my wallet stolen and the bank reissued my credit card but it wasn't a new one it was the same as the stolen one... So, I had the bank by the balls and they refunded my money. If that wasnt the case they would have let Directv keep that unauthorized money. They point out that Customer Service Agmt 5E says that they can charge your account at any time. DirectV is a scam and I challenge all to stop subscribing to them or change the charge accounts that you may have on file with them, because when they think that they can charge you an exuberant amount and get away with it, they will. Ive switched to Dish & it i much better! At least it has the NFL Network for what its worth.

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  • Un
      Feb 02, 2010

    Others are entitled to their opinion, but DTV is not a scam. It's just a poorly run business at times. Yeah, it sounds like you got the reamed...mostly by your sales rep. They're commission based and sometimes tell customers anything they want to hear in order to make a sale. When a friend of mine worked at a DTV call center, she use to complain about the sales department all the time b/c the other departments were the ones that usually broke the bad news (aka truth) to the customer if the original sales rep lied or misrepresented a deal. And by then they were locked into their agreement. It was horrible.

    I have to disagree on the rebates thing though. I have dtv and have submitted rebates online. It takes all of 10 min. I don't see it as "jumping through hoops." If spending 10 min. online would have gotten me the right pricing, I would have done that instead of wasting much more time on the phone complaining about having to submit online rebates.

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  • No
      Mar 06, 2010

    agree completly unchienne, , sounds like the sales rep is the one to blame here unfortunitly.. Unfortunitly if u were told by the sales rep and u did the rebates before tech came out there would be no problem. I have done them my self it takes all of 10 min and no matter what even if you dont and u have to wait out the 6-8 weeks If you submit the rebate you will have the promised price for the full year 12months. But i have had both dish and direct tv and by far Direct tv is the best...

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  • Ma
      Jul 01, 2010

    I just signed up with DirecTv and did the rebate just like the SALES REP told me to. Like the poster above took less than 10 minutes, no problem. DirecTv is trying to make more money on the idiots that don't know how to follow directions. That's just their stupid fault, I am not going to blame DirecTv.

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  • Lm
      Dec 09, 2010


    So why didn't you just file the rebate and get it over with?

    When I was sold my DirecTV package, the representative made it perfectly clear to me that I would have to submit the rebate ONLINE (not snail mail) before the installation date. Well I forgot all about it, when the techs came, they reminded me to do the rebate, which I did AFTER installation. I STILL received the rebate on my FIRST bill. Even though I had to put down a $300 deposit on the equipment, I am still satisfied with their service.

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  • Au
      Jan 26, 2011

    I am being charged for NFL SUNDAY TICKET which I did not request or watch and I would like to be reembursed, since I pay by drafting my checking account, My husbans died in March 2010 and I cannot afford more than my minimum package. Please help me!!!, Audrey Pousson account #51616 896.

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  • Lm
      Jan 26, 2011

    "I am being charged for NFL SUNDAY TICKET which I did not request or watch and I would like to be reembursed, since I pay by drafting my checking account, My husbans died in March 2010 and I cannot afford more than my minimum package. Please help me!!!, Audrey Pousson account #51616 896."

    call directv and cancel it asap. [protected]. nfl sunday ticket automatically renews every year unless you call and cancel. sorry for your loss, but i don't think they will reimburse you or credit your account up to this point.

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