Direc TV - Direct Star / horrible customer service

AK, United States

After ongoing problems with dish network, I was going to switch to directv which purports to have superior programming and customer service. However, I canceled the work order before the installation after several days of dealing with directv and direct star reps. Trying to change the installation date. What an eye-opener: I thought dish network was bad, but the customer service for directv is horrendous.
After a high pressure sale pitch from direct star on b/h of directv, I was repeatedly urged to create an account, even before installation. Don't do it. I can only imagine how much more nightmarish my experience would have been had I actually created an account; as it is I am lucky to have escaped when I did.
My dealings with direct star were much better, but ultimately dealing with two entities made the whole process even more chaotic. I cannot recommend strongly enough that directv provide substantial training to it's representatives. Had they been properly trained, I might have given their service a try. However after spending several unsuccessful hours talking to multiple completely clueless directv reps trying to get a simple thing like my installation date rescheduled, I realized that if I actually became a directv customer, I could look forward to two years of the same incompetence. I consider myself lucky to have learned my lesson before I entered into a contract with direct v. Certainly if asked I will be sure to advise any and all of my negative experience.

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