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At&t advertises on radio & tv a bundle of services for about $124/mo. Sounded good. I called placed my order. Next thing I know direct tv shows up and that’s when I found out direct tv must contract out to at&t. Anyway, the technician hooked up 2 receivers in my apartment and a satellite on my roof..

So now I am waiting for my cell phone and internet. My cell phone comes about a week later along with a modem that I am supposed to install myself. I was supposed to be able to connect to the internet without a landline but the modem instructions did not have instructions for that type of installation.

I call at&t and spend several hours speaking to employees that are supposed to be able to assist me. I got transferred to several different departments. Finally I spoke with someone who set me an appointment to have someone come out and hook me up. The day of the appointment came and went. No one showed up and no one called. Therefore I never got internet and decided the customer service was more than I could tolerate. No one seemed to have a clue as to what to do to assist me. Automated service just takes you on a total circle jerk. So, I decide I am canceling asap.

I contacted at&t before my 30 days which I was told I could do if I wasn’t happy in any way. At&t said they would send me out the necessary items so I could send back equipment. I waited & waited, maybe a week and a half. But in the mean time I am getting calls from collections stating I need to send direct tv $100+ asap & that I would also be charged a early termination fee. I told the person I had cancelled before the 30 days.

I was told when I agreed on the phone if I had any problems or wanted to cancel just to contact at&t and they would take care of it. At&t is who I place the order with and at&t that told me what to do.

No one told me to contact direct tv separately. I ordered a bundle to combine everything. I was made to believe it was an actual bundle.

I tried talking to direct tv again regarding this issue. The woman tells me I need to disconnect my service if I want to cancel. What? Isn’t that already done? They cut off my service shortly after I contacted at&t to cancel. Ok great, whatever I don’t want your service, I already cancelled (I thought) disconnect me and lets be done with all this nonsense. The woman tells me if I disconnect I will be charged almost $500. I told her no, I am not paying. She said she had my credit card and that they would take it out of my account today. Threatening to take money I am not authorizing them to take. We went back and forth. She was trying to bully me into paying or accepting the fact that they would just take me money whether I liked it or not. I was wasting my time with this woman as I did each time I spoke with them when they called to collect. So, I hung up and called my bank. The phone banker said I would have to cancel my checking account or they could take the money just like the lady said. So I had to cancel my checking account along with my check card.

So, now it is going to show up on my credit report as a debt. I do not know what to do to resolve this.

I am sure this is happening to many people. I feel it is a scam which happens too often. The company advertises something which sounds great but what you get is a whole different story and you try to cancel as you are told and they try to get your money & I am sure many people just pay it because like me they don’t know what to do. .

I am sure they know that this will happen a lot but they don’t care because it is making them millions.

Whatever happened to honest companies offering their services without trying to trick the customer?

Debbie cook
Torrance, ca

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      Jan 08, 2011
    Direc TV & AT&T - dsl internet
    DirectTV & AT&T
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    DirectTV offers a bundling package for satellite tv/internet. The provider in my area is AT&T. I have them for cell phone coverage so I already knew they were terrible, but didn't really have a choice in setting up my internet. The day we were setting up our satellite services DirectTV tried to transfer our call to AT&T, which predictably was dropped. Needless to say we called customer service several times to try to set up our internet. We purchased several wireless routers, and spent hours on the phone with AT&T trying to find out the problem. Eventually we learned that we were not getting a DSL signal because our service was canceled. I truly believe that because I was frustrated with the company and technicians my service was canceled by one of the employees. Now I am locked in a contract with DirectTV and paying for a bundling package, when I am not getting 50% of my package. I am so frustrated and hate all large monopoly companies!

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