Dillard's / mens roundtree and york gold label dress shirts

Saint Louis, MO, United States

For over the past 4 months alone I have purchased more than 10-12 gold label dress shirts and at least 10 trousers. Prior to that I had purchased 5-6 gold label dress shirts at the chesterfield location. I am very familiar with the product and I like the fit and style of the shirt. Earlier this year while I was in my office my shirt sleeve ripped at the elbow. I thought assumed that it was just by chance and just replaced that shirt with 3 more gold label shirts. Now I wear dress shirts and ties everyday for work, most times underneath a sweater when its cold. This happened to me 3 more times over the course of 2 or 3 wearings of the shirts. I still thought nothing of it. On 4/24/17 my latest purchase ripped at the elbow. It was my 3rd wearing of the shirt. I brought that shirt along with the other 4 to the galleria and sought some help on 4/27/17. The salesman in the big and tall was helpful but the manager in charge was I felt rude to me. She first asked me what line of work I was in. Then she asked to see the shirt I was wearing. I questioned her reasoning. Her response was that she wanted to see if I was wearing the right size. I felt that she was extremely disrespectful and condescending. She continued to marvel at how the rips could have happened and said that she had never seen anything like it. I am a finance manager at a ford dealership I deal with customer complaints daily. I felt that the situation could have been handled in a better way. I left my phone number and I was promised a phone call from someone. That as of the end of business today has not happened. I was asked if I had a receipt for the purchases. I did not have them. It is possible that I can find them. I used my bank card so I can trace the purchases. I felt that she had the opportunity to put me at ease and explain to me that she would do her best to help in the situation. I did not get that at all.

Apr 28, 2017

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