Dillard's / horrible customer service - makeup counters

United States

I went into the Dillards store at Baybrook Mall on Saturday, October 14, 2017 to purchase some items at the Clinique, Dior and Channel counters. One saleslady told me to come back because she was do a makeover/makeup on a young lady. Went to two other vendors and same thing, no one would wait on me. I left this store in tears as I could not get any one to wait on me. I was not going to be let me think about it mode. My goal was to purchase these items and continue my shopping for the day. I found a sales lady and asked her why no one wanted to wait on me. Is it because I am dressed really casual? I was really offended that not once, but three times was denied any customer service. I left and went to another location to purchase the items I wanted. What is sad is this is not the first time I experienced this type of behavior. It happens all the time in various departments. We have always been loyal customers to Dillards, but what happened this past weekend, I am not so sure anymore.

Oct 16, 2017

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