CVS Pharmacy / pharmacy staff

Today I went to pick up my prescription and was told my insurance doesn't cover the request made by my doctor, which I completely understand. I was never asked or told about being able to pay out of pocket for the prescriptions until I was told by a relative. I then requested how much additionally I would have to pay and was told at which I then asked to pay the additional to keep the full prescription. However, the additional pills were already taken out and needed to be put back in. The aggravation and anger was written all over their faces, which grant it I would probably be a little upset too if I were them. However, I was very nice and did not appreciate the attitude I was given or having my medication thrown around while the pharmacist rolled her eyes. I understand they may have had a tough day and my request probably was the last they wanted to deal with. However, I would recommend expressing my frustrations when the customer isn't present because it is very uninviting and makes me want to pick up my prescriptions elsewhere. I have always received great customer service from this location, but today was not a good day.

Mar 16, 2017

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