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Rosemont, IL, United States

Target pharmacy in Rosemont was always quick to greet customers and address by name, always helpful and cordial. Kari was particularly professional.
The new staff is not helpful. No one mentioned to me, as the previous staff had, that my prescriptions weren't counting toward the 10 (for $5 off or other offer).
Then this week I was helped in the pharmacy area by a Target employee. She located a product for me and offered to check out at pharmacy, with or without the food items I told her I was looking for. When I returned with 6 food items in my hands, plus the nose spray, I was told by the girl with CVS that they don't usually allow checkout at those registers without purchase of a prescription. She checked me out, reluctantly.
I have worked with the public for years and see no reason to discourage customers. This may be a case of a disgruntled or ineffective manager setting a bitter tone for that environment.

Oct 28, 2018

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