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CVS Caremark mail order pharmacy is not a pharmacy you want to use if you value your life and want to keep your sanity! I have dealt with them for several years and the service keeps getting worse on a daily bases. A few years ago my doctor changed one of my prescriptions and CVS specialty called me to renew the old prescription and I told them I didn’t need it and why. Five minutes later, they called the person listed as power of attorney and told them I had refused to refill a prescription and wanted their permission to refill it. The nerve of these folks but there is a lot more!
On their website they claim “At CVS Caremark we work hard to make sure your prescription benefits work for you. We want you to stay healthy.” I generally take generics except for one and the generic does not work for me. They claim they are exactly the same but they are not. Generics are allowed a 10% variance in the active ingredient. The doctor in this case wrote the prescription and wrote “dispense name brand only.” Those lying ### called the doctor behind my back after I wrote on the mail-order form that I would not accept generic and told the doctor that my insurance would not pay for name brand. That took me three weeks for me to get that straighten out and it was not because of the insurance company or the doctor.

Now the wonderful care that CVS Caremark goes on. I mailed in a prescription for an important medication that you are not supposed to skip taking. They claim there was a billing issue so they CANCELED the prescription. Yes I said “CANCELLED”. Not a phone call or anything. I went to their website to check on the status to find out this information. So, I called them yesterday 7/30/2014, got the billing issue /mistake straightened out and they said they would process the new prescription and send it out ASAP. After looking at their website today nothing had changed. So I called again and they said they had mailed the prescription back to me so there is no prescription to process. I have not received it and I am out of the medication.

Does these actions look like they want you to stay healthy? I have to go here due to my Blue Cross insurance requires me to go through them. I will be looking to change insurance. Meanwhile I have to take off of work, go back to the doctor and get a new prescription and wait three weeks before I can start taking it again. That is how long it take to get a prescription processed through them. It is no wonder that CVS Caremark is not BBB Accredited.

Jul 30, 2014
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      Jul 30, 2014

    has it occurred to you that this is your fault? next time turn in your scripts sooner.

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